Elder Dragons


[edit] Elder Dragons

'Elder Dragon' is a term used by the Guild to cover both monsters of notable ancestry, and other creatures that are beyond regular classification. The policy of dumping anything beyond explanation into this category has been known to cause a few raised Eyebrows! (Your hunter looks at a Kirin and thinks 'that's a Unicorn', but the Guild say it is an Elder Dragon so that is what it is!!)

[edit] Who They Are

[edit] Why They Are Different

  • With the exception of Kirin and Yama Tsukami, all Elder Dragons can be 'repelled'.
  • To repel an Elder Dragon, you must do sufficient damage in a given time period to injure it and make it retreat.
  • All Elder Dragons that can be repelled will be in a weakened state when you next battle them. The one exception is Lao-Shan Lung who either dies, wins or is repelled - there is no 'carry over damage'.
  • In general it may take an average hunter 2-3 battles to kill an Elder Dragon, and 4 battles to kill a Fatalis!!

[edit] Trivia

  • While all listed as Elder Dragons, the much coverted item 'BigElderDragonJewel' is only obtainable through beating Chameleos, Kushala Daora, or Teostra.
  • Although very difficult, veteran hunters have been known to beat some Elder Dragons in one round on their own!
  • Some Elder Dragon quests like to vanish, and then reappear at another time! So don't get frustrated if that injured Dragon disappears, it will be back eventually!

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