Evade Skills

Evade Skills is a term that covers Evade+1/+2, Evade Distance Up, and to a lesser extent Constitution+1/+2. Below is an explanation of what these skills do, and how you can obtain them.

[edit] Evade+1/+2

These skills increase the amount of time that you are invincible when you roll, allowing you to roll through certain attacks without getting hit. You can also roll through the roars of certain enemies without the Earplug skill when using Evade.

Without any Evade skill, you are invincible for around 0.07secs when rolling. Evade+1 increases this to around 0.26secs, and Evade+2 increases it further to around 0.34secs.

In order to obtain these skills you will require:

  • Evade+1 - Ten Evade skillpoints.
  • Evade+2 - Fifteen Evade skillpoints.

You can accumulate Evade skillpoints by decorating your armor with the following Jewels:

  • Evade Jewel - 1 Slot - (Evade+1, Cold Res -1).
  • Dodge Jewel - 2 Slots - (Evade+3,Cold Res-1).

[edit] Evade Distance Up

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