Did you know...?
  • A slow and big weapon benefits more from Raw rather than fast and small which benefits more from Element.
  • Great Sword charge is the single hit attack that deals the most amount of damage considering the same amount of Raw and Element with others.
  • A pound for a pound, Hammer triple pounds deals the largest damage.
  • Starting from 3rd generation, Hunting Horn stab actually deals a cut damage, this means it could finally cut tails.
  • Gunlance moves called "wyvern fire", actually hit the monster four times instead of a single burst.
  • Both Switch Axe upward and downward slash deals the most damage when in axe mode, but be careful since upward could sent teammate flying.
  • Keep this in mind the longer you charge a Bow, it will go to the next level of shots, thus dealing more damage. Ex: Pierce 2, Rapid 3, Rapid 3, at first, the second and third charge deals the same "Rapid 3", but the final "Rapid 3" deals more damage than the second.
  • A skill called "Focus" helps charging faster only for GS charge, LS spirit bar, Dual Swords bar, Hammer charge, Switch Axe bar and Bow charge.
  • Paintballs help tracking down monster faster, resulting a faster hunting time.
  • Using traps against a fatigued monster will last longer.
  • Flash, Paralyse, and Stun duration will get shorter if keep being used to the affected monster in quests.
  • Most sub-species monsters cover up the element weaknesses that its normal version have (except for Plesioths, Gravioses, and Uragaans).
  • All bomb, including Anti-Dragon Bomb, Bowgun's clust bomb (the impact is still raw), Dragonator and Gunlance's wyvern fire, burst and shots deals a fixed damage.
  • Gunlance's shots have level, the stronger the level, then larger damage will dealt and could be increased by Gunnery King.
  • Fixed damage ignores wherever it hits, exploding a LBB+ on Tigrex's wing and head, deals the same amount of damage.
  • The higher the sharpness, the less time you will bounce and more damage will be dealt.
  • Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Dragon value can only be increased by Element Attack Up, and (The Element)+1/2 skill.
  • Poison, Sleep, Paralyse value can only be increased by Status Attack Up skill.
  • Slime are considered an exploding attack, therefore the value can only be increased by a Bombardier skill, the same applies for bombs.
  • Most of elder dragons from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite lost its aura or power after the horn has broken, Monster Hunter 3 or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate elder dragon doesn't effected though.
  • If you want some all round defensive skill, than Guard+ and Guard Inc are the one you're looking for, or else Evade and Evade Distance Up from Skills help too.
  • When monster keep going rage, that is the sign that it is dying and could be captured.
  • Evade+ increase the MOI therefore could be used to dodge roar and attacks if used properly.
  • Evade Distance Up only increase the range of evade, not the MOI.
  • Diablos' horns, and Alatreon horn could stuck on the wall after it charge to the wall, but once its broken I won't stuck anymore.
  • Tigrex head could stuck on the wall infinitely.
  • Autotracker could track down monsters when they go to underground.
  • Breaking Barioth's wing will cause it to slipped after jumping, leaving more opening for attack.
  • Trap will last longer on monsters when they're fatigued.
  • Deviljho could eat or attack the monsters around him including the dead large monsters (A dead Uragaan for example).
  • Diablos, Nargacurga, Yian-kut ku, Qurupeco, and Urukusu can be effected by Sonic Bomb but they will go rage mode.
  • Yian Garuga, and Nargacurga can only be effected by pitfall trap when they are in rage mode.
  • Every weapon has its own strength, using multiple weapons give different times and could be easier against the monsters.
  • Some people said that Akantor has increased its resistance against Thunder and Dragon when it is in rage mode.
  • Some monster could go armour mode whereas their skin is harder and taken less damage from physical (and sometime shots too), this including; Fatalis, Crimson Fatalis, White Fatalis, Agnaktor, and Glacial Agnaktor.
    • The Fatalis will go armour mode when they are raged.
    • Agnaktor will go armour mode after being on land for a while, but his subspecies Glacial Agnaktor, will go armour mode right after from underground and disappear after a period of time.
  • There are rumours saying that using fire elements (including gunlance shots) could heated up Agnaktor armour, while Glacial Agnaktor will remove his armour when after some fire attacks.
  • Destroying some monster's parts will open up a new weakness spot whereas taking more damage.
  • Pierce shot will do massive damage to the monster's who have long body part.
  • Lance do both impact and cut damage, one will override others if it is higher though. But even though it is impact it didn't deal stun damage except for its shield bash and "Unsheath stun".
  • Breaking monster parts gives extra reward in the end of quest, while cutting tails gives extra carves.
  • Unlike Rathalos and Azure Rathalos, the rare species Silver Rathalos' weakness is on their wing, the same goes with Gold Rathian.
  • Duramboros tail must be broken twice in order to cut it off.
  • Fire blight will depletes your health every second, Water blight will reduces the speeds of your stamina recovery, Ice blight will depletes your stamina faster than normal, Thunder blight will increases the chance of getting stunned, and Dragon blight will remove your elemental attacks of the weapon (Note: For MH3, it will reduce your weapon affinity).
  • When you are being stunned, you could tap the buttons to recover faster.
  • Heroics can only be activated when your health has reached 10, but Adrenaline will be activated when your health is 40% of your maximum. Ex: 60 health for those who have 150 maximum.
  • Alatreon is the only monster that could change his element as well as his weakness in the same time.
  • Bow's arrow rain deals K.O damage but not impact.
  • Weapon that have fatigue element able to stun monster when they hit it in their head.
  • Heroics and Ardrenaline+2 will only increase your weapons' raw, so going for raw weapon instead of elemental is recommended as elemental doesn't get the bonus.
  • Akantor weapons, though they have poor sharpness, their raw and affinity make up for it, these weapons could still do better than others by someone who could use this properly.
  • Slicing S deals cut damage.
  • When sharpness level drop, your weapon affinity will drop by 5% per level, this is no longer take effect in 3rd gen.
  • Don't consider getting S+1 on weapon that will stay at same colour (Green to Longer green).
  • Here are the table of sharpness for the raw and elemental multiplier.

2nd Generation
Sharpness Level Raw Multiplier Element Multiplier
Purple 1.5 1.25
White 1.3 1.125
Blue 1.25 1.0625
Green 1.125 1.0
Yellow 1.0 0.75
Orange 0.75 0.50
Red 0.50 0.25

3rd Generation
Sharpness Level Raw Multiplier Element Multiplier
Purple 1.5 1.2
White 1.32 1.125
Blue 1.20 1.0625
Green 1.05 1.0
Yellow 1.0 0.75
Orange 0.75 0.50
Red 0.50 0.25
  • Monsters' horn seems to attract the pellet shot (zinogre, kirin, etc).
  • Positive affinity increase the damage dealt by 25% when occurred, visa versa for negative.
  • Only in MHP3rd, and MHF2 or lower has white sharpness as the highest
  • When the weapon bounce on monster it will dealt 50% of raw sent, but still 100% for element.

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