Felyne Comrade

Felyne Companion in Acorn Armor

Your Felyne Comrade is a loyal little Felyne that will battle alongside you and provide you with a bit of companionship whilst hunting. Introduced to the series in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you can hire Comrades from the Cat Granny who also provides you with chefs for the Felyne Kitchen.

[edit] What You Do With Them

You can have upto three active Comrades at any given time to train, both in the field and in the Kitchen. This training takes two seperate forms, stat increases and learning Comrade Skills. You can choose to raise your Comrade's stats by giving then a training regime from the following choices :

  • HandtoHand - increases experience.
  • Dumbells - increases attack.
  • Sit-Ups- increases defense.
  • Forms - increases both attack and defense, but at a slower rate.
  • Meditation - increases skillpoints.
  • Rest - increases fondness level.

[edit] Tips And Trivia

  • Your Comrade's fondness level is instrumental in how it interacts with you, the higher it is, the better. Comrade Skills such as laying down a Shock Trap are directly affected by fondness.
  • Every Comrade has a set colour, temperment, weapon type and attack preference, so select a set that will suit you!
  • Real combat experience earns your Comrade skillpoints and unlocks new potential skills for them to learn. Every Comrade can have a maximum of three skills active at any one time.
  • You can also give your favourite Comrades to other hunters in much the same way that you exchange Guild Cards, allowing an added element of social interaction.
  • If you manage to train five Comrades to full fondness (five hearts), you gain a new award for your Guild Card!

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