Felyne Kitchen

The Felyne Kitchen is located in a room at the back of your house. It allows you to employ and look after upto five chefs and three Felyne Comrades.

[edit] What The Kitchen Does

The main purpose of the Kitchen is to sit down and select ingredients for the chefs to include in your meal. Different mixtures of ingredients produce certain stat boosts for your hunter, and the power of these boosts is decided by how many chefs you have. The boosts you can obtain include attack up, defense up, elemental resistance up, health up and stamina up. However, be warned that an unappealing meal can damage your hunter's stats.

Every chef has 3 special Felyne Skills that they can bestow upon a hunter at certain times. Eating at the Kitchen is the only way to get these skills, some of which, like Felyne Heroics, can really prove useful. To increase the chances of getting these Felyne Skills, it helps to use ingredients that are your chefs specialities.

The Kitchen also includes a BBQ service for your Meat, which although costing a small amount of Z, is a very good way to save time and ensure a constant supply of steak!

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