Felyne Skills (MH3)

Felyne Strongcat - makes you immune to knockback when carrying and egg.

Felyne Hornblower- increase all your horns breakage point making them last longer.

Felyne Defender- weakens the damage taken sometimes.

Felyne Dungmaster- Strengthen the affect of your dungbomb.

Felyne Sharpshooter- Powers up the normal s shots.

Felyne Blaster- Makes Felyne bombs affect time lower

Felyne Bombardier- Strengthen the damage for Cannons, Ballista, and crags shots

Felyne Pyro- Increases the damage for both small and large Barrel-Bombs

Felyne Riser (low)- Extends the Invulnerability time when getting back up

Felyne Exchanger- Increases the number of HRP for completing a quest

Felyne Medic- Speeds up the health recovery, and increases the success rate for antidote herbs and bitterbugs by 100%

Felyne Courage- pevents you from flinching when being dicovered by a monster

Felyne Groomer- Shortens the effect durations of lowered defence and elemental resistance conditions

Felyne Explorer- Gurentees you will always begin at a hidden area with quests that has random starting points (high rank)

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