Forest and Hills

The Forest and Hills Area, unchanged throughout the series


[edit] Monster Hunter Freedom

[edit] Forest and Hills Description

The Forest and Hills is the most basic of the many Monster Hunting series "zones" but does have a lot of information into it. Much like the location this map is a collection of forests and hills. It also contains some mountains, as well as a some grass plains, a secluded river and waterfall spot and a base camp location. There is also a cave located higher up in the mountains. The hills are bordering thick forest and mountain top, which is usually prime location for Aptonoth, Mosswine and Velociprey. Stronger Wyverns can be found within the Mountain area as well as in the thicker parts of the forestation.Unlike other regions the forest and hills only have a day and not night.

[edit] Monsters of Forest and Hills

Most of the wyvern type monsters seek refuge within the mountains high up cave, of which there also Velociprey.

[edit] Useful Items

  • Honey - Found in area 9 and also in area 7. Locate bee nests and gather at those locations.
  • Special Mushrooms - In area nine go towards the end near the exit to area 3. Search through some bushes around there until you come across these for extra money.
  • Nitroshroom - Located in area three near a strange rock formation right outside the entrance to area 10. If you're lucky you'll sometimes find special mushrooms
  • Blue Mushrooms - Found in area 8 and area 10, look for mushrooms on the ground and search in those locations.
  • Kut-Ku scales - In area 1 locate a pile of dung and search in it. There is a chance you'll find some kut-ku scales. Also go back to area nine where the special mushrooms area and you can also find scales while looking for mushrooms. Finally in area 5, the nest, look on the ground and the dung piles for scales.

[edit] Mining Areas

All together there are three mining areas in the Forest and Hills. The first one to be aware of is in area 5. From the entrance of area 4 look forwards and a little to the left for a crack in the wall. There you can mine a lot of useful materials; iron ore, earth crystals, machalite. After that head on to area 6 from area 5. Without turning or anything slowly drop off right in front of you and you'll land right in front of a mining spot which will be directly behind you. Finally assuming your pickaxes have survived this far head to area 11. Once you enter go left and climb up the waterfall. At the top you should be able to mine out some materials.

[edit] Bug Areas

In area one search around in the grass with a bug net and you should find some there. After that head on to area 9. Assuming you've entered from area 8 head straight down the narrow part of the area. Near the end of the narrow part to your right should be a little hole that you can crawl inside of. Inside here you can also catch bugs. After that go to area 12 where the Felynes are hanging out. Look around for the flashing bugs that indicate bug spots and get some there as well. There is also one right in area 1 of MH3 unite its off to the side near the water.

[edit] Safety notes for hunters

  • If you hear a loud roar, calmly yet quickly evacuate the area.
  • Velocidromes can't fly thus they're easier to track. Merely look out for them if you're trying to avoid them, paintball them if necessary.
  • Rathalos and Rathian have the tendency to roam one area to another. The usual areas they visit are as follows (bearing in mind that they normally fly in a loop, constantly visiting the said areas): 9,10,5,6,4,3, and when they feel like being really annoying they'll go to area 2.
  • Gypceros and Kut-Kus are weaker wyverns but can put up a real fight. Don't approach these unless you're ready.
  • Felynes have a tendency to fight back if you are to attack them, be wary as they will all turn on you and can cause a large amount of damage if you are not prepared.
  • On sight, melynxs will run at you to steal your items. Either kill them, or simply run as fast as you can. If they steal an item from you, either kill the melynx to get it back, or if they escape before you can kill them, head over to area 12 and search in the pile of wooden boxes etc - voila! You will get your item back.

[edit] Monster Hunter Freedom 2/Portable 2nd G

The Forest and Hills has a temperate climate that means you need no special gear or supplies to gather and hunt in the area. You can commonly expect Felyne, Melynx, Vespoid, Velociprey, Aptonoth, Kelbi, Shakalaka and Bullfango to be in the area. The more dangerous Velocidrome, Yian kut-ku, Rathian, Ratholos are found in the area and on rare occasions the Elder Dragon Chameleos can be spotted.

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