Goa Magara

Goa Magara is the flagship monster of Monster hunter 4 . It seems like a Kushala Daora or an Alatreon but it is much different. It has an ability called; wyvern virus, it's purpose is to reanimate dead wyverns, making them faster, stronger and more aggressive. When Goa Magara appears, the area the hunter is in, turns gloomy and misty. Making it more scarier. Goa Magara inhales a purple substance which is unknown, feasibly it is poison. It also has no eyes; reassembling a Gigginox. It's wings have, hair on them, implying it probably is an evolved wyevern.

Goa Magara Render.png

Goa Magara
Goa Magara
"3rd generation Kushala Daora"
Monster typeUnknown
AilementsDragon virus
Monster in relationAlatreon and Kushala Daora

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