Chanagaburu.jpgThe Great Angler
Monster TypeLeviathan
WeaknessesThunder, Fire
HabitatsFlooded Forest
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

Gobul is a new monster exclusively featured in Monster Hunter 3. It is similar to a large Angler Fish and exclusively is located in Flooded Forest. However, it has the ability to use its lower fins as walking apparatus and has the ability to roll and walk on land. Gobul has large spikes on it's body which protrude, to protect it. These spikes also contain a paralyzing nerve toxin which is used to subdue prey. It also has a lure on it's chin, which it uses to catch unsuspecting prey whilst hiding under the lower layers of sand, dirt and foliage at the bottom of water beds. This Leviathan will always start in Area 4 of the Flooded Forest barring the exception being a Hunter's first encounter with it offline(Village).

Poor swimmers, Gobul bury themselves under dirt and sand, camouflaging themselves and using their chin protrusions as bait for any creature unlucky enough to brush up against them. Some hunters have witnessed a Gobul swallow Epioth whole. Much like the sea-faring wyvern the Plesioth Gobul love frogs and some anglers have even fished Gobul right out of their swamps.

Gobul is able to attack a hunter when underwater with an attack similar to Yama Tsukami by burying itself in the sand and then bursting up and creating a strong water current that drags anything it touches into the waiting jaws of the beast.

While the Gobul is hidden under the sand, unknown of the Hunter's presence, there are multiple things one can do. The most common option is to fish it out with a frog. Unlike the normal fishing however, you will not have to hit a button to reel it in. After a while, you will see Gobul and it's lantern partially stick its head out of it's hiding place, then an animation will en-sue where it will be pulled onto land, upside down, thus giving free moments to hit it. Another option is you are able to carve the Gobul, however, after so many carves(normally 2 or 3) it will rise up and attack the hunter. The final options is just to attack the hidden Gobul.

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