Dl m10.jpgThe lava dwelling titan.
Monster TypeWyvern
WeaknessesWater, Dragon
HabitatsVolcano, Swamp, Old Volcano, Old Swamp
First AppearanceMonster Hunter


[edit] General Information

One of the largest wyverns in the world of Monster Hunter, the Gravios is the adult form of Basarios. The creature's large body is covered in a thick stone-like carapace, the carapace itself is covered with small holes that are used to vent the excessive heat within its body as well as a sleeping gas formed in a sac in the creature's body. Gravios is able to shoot a beam of magma from its mouth, which it fires either in a straight line, or in higher rank missions, in an arc. It may be interesting to note that the Gravios derives it name from the Latin word gravis, meaning heavy or grave.

Gravios is one of the creatures whose roar is much louder than others, requiring hi-grade earplugs to nullify it, blocking is effective as well but rolling to avoid it will only end in the hunter covering their ears once they ended the roll.

Gravios has a sub-species that has a black armored carapace that is much tougher to break through and favors using its heat-based attacks more often.

[edit] Black Gravios

The Black Gravios is a colour variation of the ferocious Gravios wyvern. Found in many areas, including the Swamp and the Volcano, it can make mince meat of many an unprepared hunter.

[edit] Tips

  • The Black Gravios is very weak to Water damage to the Chest. After a set amount of damage, the Chest bursts and exposes a weak spot that takes increased damage. Further damage to the Chest can result in it totally bursting, a sure sign that the Black Gravios is hurt.
  • Black Gravios is very susceptible to Pitfall traps, and when caught in one the Chest area is exposed.
  • The Tail of a Black Gravios can be cut off, and yields two carves. Obviously, doing this also decreases the range of the 'Tail swipe' attack.
  • The Black Gravios is known to trap hunters by limping towards them and then attacking with a Tailswipe - a sure end to any hunter using Felyne Heroics!!
  • If you can make it fall asleep, there is a chance that the Black Gravios will drop one of its Shinies. This can come in handy, as there is a small chance of getting a Heavenly Scale from the Shiny.
  • Black Gravios is also incredibly weak to Poison, and takes considerable damage everytime it is inflicted.

[edit] Guides

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