Great Arena

The Great Arena is a large, closed in field within a desert region, shaped much like a Colosseum. This is not to be confused with the smaller Small Arena, which caters to smaller minions such as Felynes and Hermitaurs. This also differs from the downloadable Moat Arena, which has (as indicated by it's name) a Moat and is suited for Water-dwelling monsters. The Great Arena is used for larger monsters, such as Rathalos, Rajang etc. and is frequently accessed as a training modem for inexperienced hunters, but also special quests that offer unique rewards.

The basic training arena is surrounded by higher terrain (mountain like), with spikes barricading the exits. There is also a climbable ledge, which is sometimes inaccessible during certain quests. Items can be harvested from each blocked entrance, as well as the small shrubbery located at one exit.

  • Shrub: Mega Potion (Max 6?)
  • First Exit (located on right, closest to entrance): Sm Barrel Bombs (6?)
  • Second Exit (lcoated on left, closest to entrance): Lrg Barrel Bomb (4?)
  • Third Exit (lcoated on right, furthest to entrance): Portable Shock Trap (1)

[edit] Felyne Arena

The felyne arena is similar in style (sandy and surrounded by higher terrain faces), but smaller, and containing a tall terrain pylon in the center. It is mainly designed for the battle of smaller prey and monsters wthin quests. Items can be harvest from a small shrub, as well as a piece of driftwood.

  • Shrub: ?
  • Driftwood: ?

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