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[edit] Overview

You can find an overview of the Great Sword weapon class in your info magazine located on the bookshelf in your hunter's house:

Many people feel that Great Swords are just large blades, and lack any sort or flexibility. However, the truth is that they are an incredibly deep class of weapon. Sure, it may take time before they can unleash an attack, and they leave you open for too long afterwards, but they make up for this with ease of use, range and power

  • Great Swords are basically huge swords that can produce extremely powerful attacks that can range very far - perfect for chopping off tails and such.
  • Yes they are slow, and with them drawn your hunter moves awkwardly, BUT you can use them as a shield (but only at the peril of your stamina and its sharpness) and they can block almost everything from roars to fireballs.
  • As a weapon class, the materials needed to make them aren't too hard to obtain, perseverance is needed though.
  • Fantastic combos mean that you can continuously attack your prey.

Great Swords have three types of attacks. After one type of attack, it is possible to link to one of the two remaining types. You can also continue to connect these different attacks until you have used all three. Moreover, by pressing left and right on the analog stick with an attack, you can continue attacking while changing direction

  • This is true, you have total control over how and where you attack, and at the lightest flick of your thumb on the analog stick, you can change direction.

Great Swords can be drawn and used immediately for an attack. The GS is also able to hit high places, so it is effective against flying wyverns. While your GS is drawn, you are also able to unleash a quick circular attack. The wide range of this attack is especially useful when surrounded by monsters.

Enormous attack range, the ability to string together attacks, high attack strength - these are said to be the greatest points of the Great Sword. Shouldn't you give one a try?

Many GS's have elemental attributes such as thunder, fire, water, poison, paralysis, dragon, ice etc. So they're very compatible, and easy to use against a wide range of different monsters.

They're also incredibly powerful due to their large size and weight. Huge attack power means that you spend a lot less time attacking the monster...Greatswords are brilliant against slow, large monsters like Gravios because the Gravios has its slow, long beam attack, and you can merely stand by its head for 3 seconds and attack it without the risk of being hit!

The materials needed to upgrade and make the different GS's varies between sword, from very hard-to-get materials, and simple materials. But obviously the swords that need the harder materials are more powerful, so definitely aim for those.

[edit] History

Greatswords have, on average since MH2's release, the third strongest attack power in the entire game. Greatswords also have capabilities for great elemental power. In exchange for this vast power, the weapon itself is quite slow and hindering. The only evasive maneuver available is a roll using the Cross button on the PS2 which is also the same for the PSP. With the weapon drawn, the character can only walk around at a snail's pace, heaving around their mighty weapon. With it equipped, the character's average speed suffers noticeably, but in no major way as to hinder travel. Greatswords have often required a great amount of one or more materials to be crafted. The amount of materials needed for Greatswords is the second largest in the game thus far, with Hammer materials being in greatest quantity needed.

In the PS2 releases of the Monster Hunter game series, the weapon is controlled by the analog stick. Tilting up causes the downward slash, to the right is the side sweep, and finally to the left is the upswing attack. The upswing attack is capable of launching ally characters far into the air. The downward slash and side sweep are only able to trip fellow players. In the PSP incarnations of the series, the control scheme is shifted. Using the Triangle button causes the downward slash, Circle button causes the side sweep, and using both simultaneously causes the upswing attack. Each attack has the same capabilities to hinder fellow player's movement on both Sony systems. In the PS2 games, the R1 button is used for blocking, as the R shoulder button is used in the PSP games.

Recently, the Greatsword has acquired a new ability called the Charge Swing. In essence, this is a buffed version of the average downward slash. The attack can be performed by holding down the Triangle button when trying to perform or combo a downward slash. This can be charged up to three levels, with amazing power output when charged completely. This special ability is often used for a tactic called the Sleep Hit, by many players.

In Monster Hunter 3 (Wii), the greatsword has been given a new combo to follow the vertical slash. After the slash the hunter slams the flat side of the blade into their target before pulling the blade back for a possible charged horizontal slash.

[edit] Controls

Control Type Overhead Swing Charged Swing Side Swing Upward Swing Kick Block
Right Analog Up Hold Right Analog Down Right Analog Right Right Analog Left R3 R1
Triangle Hold Triangle Circle Triangle+Circle Select R
A Tilt Up+Hold A Tilt Right+A Tilt Left+A Minus Z

[edit] Great Sword Weapon Tree

MHF2 Great Sword Weapon Tree.

Click on the picture to see it full size. Please note, however, that this is just for the swords that can be created in MHF2. A(unfinished) list can be found here

MH3 Greasword Tree

You can find a list of all MH3 Great Swords here: MH3 Greatsword

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