The Gunlance is a heavy class weapon in the Monster Hunter game series. It has so far been featured in Monster Hunter 2 for the Sony Playstation 2 as well as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in the West, respectively) for the Sony Playstation Portable. The Gun lance will however not be featured in Monster Hunter Tri, the next game in the series set to release on the Nintendo Wii. The weapon itself is a mixture of the Lance and Light/Heavy Bowgun weapons that have been a part of all Monster Hunter games. The gun lance is a favored weapon among players with a more defensive play style, though the weapon has plenty of offensive power.

The weapon returns in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with a new attack style.

[edit] In Gameplay

In game, the Gunlance is capable of two basic forms of attack. It can perform a three hit combo attack by repeatedly pressing Triangle upon the PSP, using the same piercing property that a Lance has, as well as the stab attack of the Longsword weapon. The Gunlance can only thrust in a straight, upward, diagonal direction. Though as is the case with the sweep attack performed by simultaneously pressing Triangle and Circle upon the PSP, the Gunlance can swing straight up into the air, though retaining the piercing attribute of previously mentioned attacks.

Secondly, the Gunlance may fire Spread or Long type shells. These can be loaded into the Gunlance by holding the R shoulder button and then pressing Circle, as well as being loaded after evading enemy attack by tapping Cross to backstep and then Circle to load your ammunition. Each Gunlance has its own ammunition clip that allows a certain amount of shells to be loaded at a single time. However, this ammunition is in infinite supply and is limited only to balance gameplay. Long type shells fire straight ahead a short distance and have a more concentrated blast upon one target. Spread type shells however, are slightly weaker but are able to strike many enemies at a time. Both work fine when facing a large boss creature, but perform differently when used to clear the mobs of smaller enemies. Firing shells is performed with the Circle button on the PSP.

Depending on the shelling level on your Gunlance, you will be able to perform a lengthy combo attack as long as your opponent is still enough to be hit. After three thrusts or a sweep and two thrusts, fire one of your shells. You may also fire shells inbetween any thrust attack, and after a sweep attack you can fire straight into the air. However, to sustain the longest combo possible you must only fire after every three hits. After you've fired one shell, you can perform another three thrusts or another sweep and two thrusts before firing again. You may continue as long as you have ammunition in your ammo clip. Keep aware of how many shells you have left, as attempting to fire while you have no ammunition loaded will leave you vulnerable to attack while your Gunlance locks up.

[edit] Advantages

Moving on to unique characteristics, the Gunlance is the only other weapon besides the Lance to employ a heavy shield. Blocking can be done by holding down the R shoulder button on your PSP. As such, movement speed with the Gunlance at the ready position is the exact same as that of the Lance, Greatsword, and Heavy Bowgun weapons, as well as the Hunting Horn without the Movement Speed Up self buff. Also like the Lance, the Gunlance has a superior block ability, better than that of the Greatsword and Sword and Shield weapons. This is due to the fact that after blocking one attack, without another in quick sucession, the Greatsword and Sword and Shield have a 0.8 second vulnerability window where they must hold R to block again. The Lance and Gunlance weapons remain in block position after all blocked attacks. Blocking consumes Stamina depending on the strength of attack blocked and, depending on armor skills and attack power, small portions of Health.

[edit] Disadvantages

Finally we have the disadvantages to the Gunlance. Both typical shells and the Wyvern's Breath attack, performed by holding the R shoulder button on your PSP then simultaneously pressing Triangle and Circle, wear down the weapon's sharpness very quickly. It is not uncommon for a Gunlance user to go through more Whetstones than even Dual Swords users. the Gunlance also lacks high end attack power compared to Great Swords, Hammers, Hunting Horns, and Long Swords. Gunlances also do not often have large amounts of elemental attack power, although this has changed to some degree with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The slow speed with the weapon ready also prevents a Gunlance user from dodging attacks as easily as those using light weapons. The Gunlance also has less dodging capability than the Lance does, allowing for only one backstep or sidestep using the Cross button and moving the analog stick right or left with the Cross button respectively.

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