[edit] Gunners

  • Gunner is a term that refers to users of Bowguns and Bows.

  • Gunners are often typecast as a support class when hunting as a team, especially when using a Light Bowgun, but they can be very destructive in their own right. With the right set of equipment and a good level of skill, the Heavy Bowgun is capable of levels of destruction that a Blademaster can only dream of!!

  • Bow users enjoy a high level of mobility and can still move quite freely with their weapon drawn. The Bow also has infinite ammo, which can be handy as you don't have to reload or buy ammunition. There are also a variety of coatings that add status effects to your arrows, but these must be bought or made.

  • In general, Gunner armour has around half the base defence of the Blademaster counterpart, so if you get hit, it really hurts. On the other hand, however, Gunner armour provides better elemental defence.

  • Dodging and evading are key to survival when using ranged weapons, but luckily armoursets such as that made from Nargacuga cater for those skills perfectly!

[edit] The Gunner's Book -1-

I, The Legendary Gunner of Kokoto, am using this manuscript to record everything for those aiming to become gunners in the generations to come. It will cover all matters related to gunners, from basics to advanced.

The ancients often said, "There is a pioneer for even the smallest of things." Lately, people are prone to forgetting the words of the pioneers, and there are many who pay these words no heed. I would like to thank the editors of Hunter's Life for giving me a place to spread these words, and pray that hunters assist me in my quest.

In the first part of this series, I would like to create a reference for the basic of the basic. First, let's talk about bowgun ammunition.

It is natural that a bowgun without bullets cannot stand in battle. If you aim to be a gunner, you must make it a habit to carry enough ammo fo the battles ahead. As for how to acquire ammo, lately it has become available for purchance in many supply shops. As a low ranking hunter, you may request some ammuntion from the Guild or other clients to provide you with such things. These are simple ways of obtaining ammunition.

However, there is never enough money to buy all the ammo you need, and the basic ammo provided by employers will never lead to improvement. If you truly wish to become a gunner, you must first learn the art of crafting your own ammunition. Crafting your own ammo is as simple as any other combination method, we will cover the specifics of this process in a later edition, but basically you gather materials in the field and try various combinations to make the best ammunition.

[edit] The Gunner's Book -2-

The second part of The Gunner's Book covers items that must garner a gunner's attention. First, it goes without saying that there are two large divisions of bowguns.

Light Bowguns are weak, but light and easy to use. In contrast, guns that trade weight for power are called Heavy Bowguns. Each type has its own pros and cons, and you should choose which one to use according to you enemy and your friends. The Light Bowgun allows you to run while it is drawn. I supposed one can say that, when facing a giant beast, it is important to be agile and able to strafe the creature. On the other hand, a Heavy Bowgun makes up for its weight in power. Its ability to fire powerful ammunition is a clear indictation of its value.

The second point you must be aware of as a gunner is how to properly gauge the range to a target. The power needed to hit a target can change dramatically depending on which ammunition you're using. Even when you use the same shot, a change in distance could mean more or less firing power is needed. The power needed can depend on the type of shot, as well as the type of bowgun. Not too fast, not too close. Te intuition needed to join a shot with the optimum distance and power is critical to a hunter.

At any rate, gunners are a team hunter. Depending on the ammuntion being used, a strong attacker should be couped with a rock steady supporter, whose role is to slow a monster down. Victory or defeat depends entirely on teamwork.

Finally, I would like to add one last item with regard to bowgun usage. I recommend that you create ammunition more often than you buy it. By creating ammo, it costs half as much than if you were to buy it. While you do need materials to create ammo, as a hunter, this shouldn't be a problem.

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