Guts is a new skill introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite that allows you to survive a potentially deadly hit. If you have over 60hp and take damage that would kill you, an orange flash encompasses you and allows you to survive with 1hp. The Guts skill is extremely useful when fighting monsters that can kill you in one hit regardless of your defense. The Guts skill is a fantastic failsafe against the vacuum attack of Yama Tsukami or the lightning rain of White Fatalis, and is a popular choice when facing them.

Guts can also be used in an offensive way when used in conjunction with Felyne Heroics or Adrenaline+2. This is a great way to maximise your attack by getting hit hard on purpose (and thus reduced to 1hp and activating your offensive bonuses) and then healing back over 60hp when you are in danger (the monster entering rage mode, or White Fatalis flying to his perch being great examples.) By exploiting this method, you are safe from one hit knockout when you wish, and dealing extra damage when you want to be (provided you are using one of the previously mentioned skills!). The HR9 Crimson Fatalis armor has a skill named 'Fury' that combines Guts and Adrenaline+2, and is perfect for anybody who enjoys using this tactic.

[edit] How To Get Guts

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