The Gypceros is another bird-like wyvern, similar to the Yian Kut-Ku. It has the ability to shoot poison from its poison sac deep inside its body and is able to send out a bright flash comparable to Flashbombs from the crest on the top of his head. Gypceros is known for using these tactics frequently in battle.

His tail is like an elastic rubber band, when he tail swipes you, keep your distance as it will stretch a couple feet out. This beast is also immune to flash, the only way to disable his flashing abilities is to break his crest off by continuously attacking his head. Also watch out for his pecking, as it can result in your items being stolen! The Gypceros also has a move when it tries to pretend it's dying, then suddenly attacks. Watch out for this, as it deals massive damage. This wyvern is one of the weakest before the Kut-Ku.

The Gypceros, while not very fast, is known for being able to run for long distances, this is thanks to the power fluids stored in its body. When these juices are mixed with food, they make very strong energy drinks that can keep a hunter alert and will not tire, regardless of how long they run or block, for a long time.

[edit] Tips

He also runs in a triangle form which is a pain if you want to hit it, but to recharge your health and stamina and poison if your hit by his poison balls

  • The Gypceros is very weak to Fire, especially on the Head. It is also very vulnerable to cutting damage on the Tail.
  • There is a Purple version of Gypceros that is largely the same as the standard one, it just has increased stats.
  • The Gypceros is immune to Shock Traps, so if you want to capture it you need Pitfall traps!
  • If a Gypceros steals your items, there is no way of getting them back, so don't carry any valuables when fighting it!!
  • The Gypceros will sometimes charge anywhere and suddenly stop and starts flailing its tail so be cautious when you are trying to pursue it.

[edit] Guides

Gypceros Guides

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