Harvest Shroom Guide (3U)

Harvest Shroom is the very first village quest in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Because it is the first quest, the Guild Sweetheart will give a short tutorial of the camp upon arrival. She asks the hunter to visit three things in the camp: the blue supply box, the red delivery box, and the bed. After seeing these three things,(or choosing to ignore the tutorial,) the hunter should go through the camp's land exit(just to the right of the blue supply box) and begin to gather mushrooms.

There are two mushroom gathering places in area 2, which is the area the hunter is in immediately after leaving camp. The gathering places are on the opposite side of the area from the camp, and are usually easy to find thanks to the Altaroths that swarm to them. The Guild Sweetheart will send a message confirming that the hunter has found a Unique Mushroom as soon as one is obtained. If three are gathered in this first area, then the hunter can return to camp, deliver the mushrooms, and finish the quest. However, as the type of mushrooms gathered depends largely on luck, it is possible that the hunter will not find three Unique Mushrooms in this area. In this case, it is possible to go to other areas to find the mushrooms. Area 7 has 2 or 3 places to gather mushrooms on the wall to the right of the entrance to area 8, area 6 has one place to gather mushrooms near the pool of water, and area 3 has two or three places to gather mushrooms, which can be found by watching the Altaroths.

Once three Unique Mushrooms have been gathered, the quest can be completed.

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