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[edit] Hunting Horns

Hunting Horns made their debut in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and are regarded as a multiplayer orientated weapon class. Although perfectly useable as a solo player, the Hunting Horn comes into its own in a group due to its ability to increase the stats of all hunters in a party.

Although slightly limited in attack options (a swing, a poke and a pound!), the Hunting Horn shares an ability to concuss enemies and knock them out with the Hammer.

So if you are prepared to take the time to keep on playing the sweet sounds of statistical supremacy to stay superpowered, why not give the Hunting Horn a try?!

[edit] Important Notes

  • When choosing a shiny new Hunting Horn, it is wise to check which notes it can play. Each set of notes can produce different effects, so find a set that suits you.
  • Elemental damage is probably the least important attribute of a Hunting Horn, so don't base your choice on it.
  • Remember to doubleplay, it either increases the effect of your buff or makes it last longer. THIS IS A VITAL PART OF USING A HUNTING HORN! So learn how to arrange your notes into the best pattern, and remember to play it twice!
  • Good sets of notes for multiplayer use include :
    • Purple-Blue-Red (allows No Stamina Loss High, Wind Reduce, Attack Up High and Health Increase High)
    • Purple-Light Blue-Red (allows Hear Protect Low, Attack Up High, Health Inc Medium, and Defense Up High)
    • Purple-Green-Red (allows Health Rec Low, Recovery Speed Up High, Attack Up High, and Defense Up High.)
  • Remember that some sets of notes aren't useful in specific situations; you don't want Hear Protect or Health Increase if your party are using Felyne Heroics to Gun a Plesioth. So think which note set suits the current quest!

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