Rendered-Ioprey.pngPoisonous prey of the swamps.
Monster Type:Bird Wyvern
Status Effect:Poison
Old Swamp
Old Volcano
Great Forest
Old Jungle
First AppearanceMonster Hunter (PS2)
Appears In:Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2
Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Ioprey is a Bird Wyvern that first made its appearance in Monster Hunter for the PS2. They are the minion monsters of the Iodrome. They are related to the Giaprey, Genprey, and Velociprey.

Ioprey act just like the other prey except they have the ability to spit Poison. They dwell in a variety of places and seem to be able to live in different temperatures and areas. Ioprey appear in the Swamp,Old Swamp, Volcano, Old Volcano, Great Forest, Old Jungle, and Fortress zones.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: A vivid red species of small carnivores often found in subtropical zones. Sacs in their throats contain a powerful poison that slowly drains the Health of their prey.

Appearance: The defining features of the Ioprey is their bright red hide with black spots, the bulge an the end of their snout and the purple poison gland an their throat that is used to kill their prey. Ioprey does not have scales like its cousins and can be compared to a Salamander in appearance. It has rows of sharp teeth and yellow, cruel eyes.

Nature: Very territorial and attack hunters on sight. Travels in packs of 2-4 other Ioprey with possibly Genprey.

[edit] Combat

Unlike its cousin species, they prefer to spit poison to kill their enemies, which causes discomfort and mild nausea on any of its unlucky victims. Other than the ability to stick out their neck and spit out a ball of poison they have the exact same moveset and the other "prey" monsters. Ioprey are the strongest type of regular "prey", possibly because of the harsh climate they mostly live in, the volcanic zone.

All "prey" have three simple attacks. The first one is the "targeted leap" where the prey jumps high in your direction, assumingly attacking you with its claws. If it makes contact it sends you sprawling across the desert terrain, while not doing a lot of damage, can be an annoyance especially when fighting other monsters.

The second attack is the bite. The prey basically runs up to you, leans its body forward, and bites you. This does minimal damage and can knock you down for a brief second, but it isn't anything to worry about.

The last attack isn't really an attack. If you observe a prey from afar it does this even if you're not noticed, but it can do it sometimes during battle. All the prey does is hop in no set direction. It can make contact, and it is unknown if this can paralyze you, but it is clear the prey isn't aiming for you at the time. Good opportunity to get some hits in.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Ioprey are weak to the water element, although raw power is usually used instead.
  • Avoiding their poison attack can be easy if there's only one of the monster, but in a group it can be hard to avoid.
  • Ioprey appear in the Fortress zone, so watch out when you're carrying cannons to the blockade.
  • Recommended Weapons
    • Green Sharpness can cut through this beast pretty easily, like said above water element can help.

[edit] Carves

Ioprey's can be carved one time. It has no exclusive G-Rank carves.

[edit] Low-Rank

Ioprey Fang
Ioprey Hide
Ioprey Scale

[edit] High-Rank

Ioprey Fang
Ioprey Scale+
Ioprey Hide+

[edit] Notes

  • The poison of the pack leader, the Iodrome, is stronger than that of the rest of the pack.
  • If you hit any prey in mid-air when its jumping (usually happens with a long weapon) it could break in two pieces and yield no carves.
  • Iopreys appear in the Old Jungle but not the new.

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