[edit] Kechawacha

Kechawacha is a monster first introduced in Monster hunter 4. Not much is known about it, because the game hasn't come out yet. But, it inhabits a jungle like area, where it dangles it's enormous claws on trees, using them to fight. It's looks like a lemur, but it is much different; it is more faster and much larger. The monster has huge, antler like ears which can be broken. Also it expectorates large balls of mucus, so this explains it element is probably water.


Monster TypePelagus
Appears in:Monster hunter 4
AppearancesLemur-like; orange and yellow

[edit] Notes

  • It is a Pelagus
  • It spits cough balls
  • When it enters rage mode it's ears fold and cover it's face
  • It's ears can be broken
  • It can be a victim of the Goa Magara virus
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