Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora
Kusa.JPGThe Frost Metal Dragon
NameKushala Daora
Monster TypeElder Dragon
WeaknessesDragon, Thunder
HabitatsSnowy Mountains Jungle
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Freedom 2

This page covers general information on Kushala Daora, as well as walkthrough tips as a general Kushala Daora guide.


[edit] Monster Information

Kushala Daora is the first elder dragon that you fight in your monster hunter career. Many people find this monster hard to fight because of its windshield which pushes you back whenever you try to get close to it. The only way to turn off the wind shield is to break its crest (Head/horn) or to cut off its tail. Doing either of these will permanently turn off its wind shield. The areas that you will fight this monster are Snowy Mountains and the Jungle. Poisoning it will also temporarily shut its shield down.

[edit] Attacks

The Kushala Daora has many attacks which make it a tricky monster to fight especially when starting off.

[edit] Wind Tunnel

The Kushala will rear back on its hind legs and shoot a tunnel of wind at you. If you are fighting the Kushala in the Snowy Mountains then this attack will turn you into a snowball. If you are fighting in the Jungle this attack will throw you into the air. To dodge simply run to the side of the Kushala. The Kushala will perform this attack when you are in front of it but not close enough for a Claw Swipe. Note that this is a good time to attack it while its windshield is up because this attack temporarily turns off the shield for about 3-5 seconds.

[edit] Claw Swipe

The Kushala will bring back one of its paws and swing it in the direction directly in front of it. This attack doesn't have very much range so to dodge just roll away before it strikes at you. Try to roll to the side that he isn't attacking with because your chances of dodging are much higher on that side. The Kushala will perform this attack when you are directly in front of it. Note not to be confused with the Moving Claw Swipe attack.

[edit] Moving Claw Swipe

This attack is similar to the Claw Swipe except that with this attack he will swipe to either side of his body turning 90 degrees. To dodge this attack roll to the side that is the opposite of the attack. He will perform this attack when you are on its side but very close to it. Note not to be confused with the Claw Swipe attack.

[edit] Charge

There are a few variants of this attack but they are all fairly straight forward. The Kushala will begin running towards the direction that you are located. Sometimes he will arc slightly to the left or the right depending on if your not directly in front of it. To avoid this attack simply move out of the path of the Kushala. Sometimes a roll when it gets close to you for good measure is helpful as well. Note sometimes if it runs by you and you are close enough to it the wind shield will blow you down.

[edit] Jump Back

This move isn't really an attack but is useful to know about while fighting it. The Kushala will shift its weight onto it's front paws then leap back and roar. He will do this attack when he is entering rage mode and he will also sometimes do this attack randomly if you are to close to him. Note the roar from this attack wont cause you to cover your ears and gives you a good chance to get in some hits.

[edit] Jump Back - Air

This move is the same as the Jump back but instead of landing a little ways away the Kushala will jump back into the air and begin it's hovering/flying move.

[edit] Hovering/Flying

This move alone makes the Kushala one of the most annoying monster to kill because once it goes into the air (which it does about every 5 minutes) it will stay up there for a very long time. What it will do is it will fly around a couple feet of the ground. You can still hit it but only with attacks that reach above your head. Many attacks are linked to this move. There are a few ways to bring him down once he starts hovering. The simplest way is to simple throw a flash bomb at him which will cause him to fall to the ground.

[edit] Hovering/Flying - Wind Tunnel

There are two variants of this attack. The first is he will raise his head while flying and hover for a moment, then he will shoot one wind tunnel along the ground in a strait line. The second variant is the same as the first but instead of one wind tunnel he will shoot three. To dodge this attack just run to the side of the Kushala. Note getting hit by this attack has the same effects as the Wind Tunnel attack.

[edit] Hovering/Flying - Ice Beam

This attack is one of the more dangerous attacks that the Kushala can use. This attack starts the same as a Flying wind tunnel but instead he will fly forward moving his head back and forth shooting a beam of ice at the ground. Another variant of this attack is he will do the same thing but instead of moving forward he will spin in a circle. To dodge this attack run out of the path of the strafe or if that isn't possible put your weapon away and perform the dive technique as the beam passes over you. Note getting hit by this attack has the same effects as the Wind Tunnel attack. Another Variation of this attack sees the Kushala Daora turn 360 degrees instead of moving back and forth.

[edit] Hovering/Flying - Dive

This attack is hard to dodge because there is almost no warning to tell that he is about to perform the attack. He will move his head back very quickly and briefly then fly forward along the ground. To dodge this attack run out of the path of the attack.

[edit] Armors

[edit] Weapons

use a gun that has a fast reload speed and in the snow mountains when he's in 8 go up on the ridge and you can keep shooting him with out him attacking you Also, the Shell hammer is good if you charge it and slam it on the head, right after the wind tunnel attack. To repell or kill Kushala Daora use Ravager blade+. Keep hitting him on the head. Technique is to evade and block. When he uses ice beam sheate yor weapon and run. Shock traps, pitfall traps wont work on kushala daora.

[edit] Guides

Kushala Daora Guides

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