Kushala Hunting Guide

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The Kushala Daora is a very powerful Elder Dragon. With a wind aura that blocks most attacks and a variety of his own. This monster is respected by many a hunter.

Ground Attacks Charge - Simple yet swift charge at the hunter. Wind Tunnel - It will fire a powerful blast of air at the hunter Swipe - Will swipe at the hunter if hunter is too close.

Aerial Attacks Aerial Ram - The aerial version of the charge. Will swoop down and headbutt the hunter. Wind Breath - Will fire a continuing blast of air from it's mouth either swinging left and right or spinning in a 360. Tail Slap - Will slap you from about with his tail. Grab - Attempt to dive on you and smash you against the ground. Swoop - Will dive and twist in a 180.

Weaknesses The Kushala Daora is most weak to the dragon & thunder elements, however he has the lowest resilience to poison in the entire game.

Recommended Items 10 potions 10 herbs 10 blue mushrooms(to combine with the herbs and make more potions.) 5 flash bombs(combine flash bugs with bomb material) 10 Bomb material 10 flash bugs 20 whetstones 10 thawing agents(only if fighting it in the snowy mountains) 10 steaks of your choice

Strategy Spam the flash bombs, keep him on the ground and aim for the head. Watch out for his wind tunnel and swipe.

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