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Kushala Daora - The Metal Dragon. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 fighting guide. Final Version by Toetancham/Gastje.

Table of Contents

1.2) Biography [BIOG]

1.2) Unlocking Kushala [ULKS]

2) Attacks [ATTK]

3.1) Recommend Items - Blademaster [RIBM]

3.2) Recommend Items - Bow [RIBO]

4.1) Recommend Equipment - Blademaster [REPB]

4.2) Recommend Equipment - Bow [REBO]

5.1) Battle Tactics - Blademaster [BTTB]

5.2) Battle Tactics - Bow [BTBO]

6) Breakable Parts & special items from it [BBSI]

7) Rewards and Carves [RWAC]

8) Kushala Armor [KDAM]

9) Kushala Weapons [KSWP]

10) FAQ [FREG]

11) Credits [CRDS]

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1.1) Biography [BIOG]

The Metal Tempest - Kushala Daora

A Metal plated dragon known as the tempest of wind. It is said that if Kushala Daora is poisoned, its wind abilities decrease. Eyewitnesses report violent storms alongside the dragon, and its wide range means towns may be attacked.

Poisoning: If you poison Kushala, his wind aura will dissappear for the time it is poisoned. If you manage to flinch it on his head during this time, his aura is gone until it does a non-rage scream. (Remember: his Aura dissapears fully when his horn is broken)

Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon, Special (Par, Slp, Pos. Mostly Poison) Area's fought: Mountain: 6, 7, 8. Rarely at: 1, 2 Jungle: 2, 3, 4. Rarely at: 7, 8 Town: 3, 4

As all dragons, Kushala flies away (repel) when weakened enough after 25 minutes of fighting. Damage carry-over: you don't have to slay an Elder Dragon in one fight. If you manage to repel a Dragon, his damage will stay at all battles. Even if you die 3 times, or the time runs out, damage carries over.

1.2) Unlocking Kushala [ULKS]

You may be trampling your feet to fight Kushala, but, when do you unlock it? There are 3 different level Kushala's: -Village - 4* - Just get to the 4* quests, the quest is the last one. If it isn't there, do a couple hunting or slaying quests. He will show up.

-Guild - 5* - Repel or slay the Red Lao Shan Lung. You first need to unlock Lao. To do this, complete all the 3-4* guide quests. Lao will always be avaible after that.

-G-Class - 8* - Complete all 6-7* guide quests.

2) Attacks [ATTK]

Ground Attacks -Charge: Runs towards you. Long range, medium damage -Wind Blow: Blows a tunnel-like wind shot, which will freeze you (mountains) or send you flying (jungle, town). Long range, medium damage. -Claw Slash: Wildly slashes to his left or tight side, lies were you are. Short range, low damage.

Sky Attacks -Dive: Dives towards you. Long range, medium-high damage. -Grip Attack (med): Moves towards you while slashing at the ground. Medium range, medium damage. -Wind Blow: Same as the Ground version. Long range, medium damage. -Charge-up Wind Blow: Does more damage than the normal wind blow. freezes you (mountains) or sends you flying. Long range, high damage. -Triple Shot: firstly charges, then blows 3 shot which will explode on ground-impact. freezes you (mountains) or sends you flying. Short range, medium damage. -Arial Wind Beam: Continues blows wind while moving forwards. freezes you (mountains) or sends you flying. Medium range, high damage -Circling Arial Wind Beam: Same as the Arial Wind Beam, but circling around 360 degrees. freezes you (mountains) or sends you flying. Medium range, high damage -Tail Swipe: Moves slowly, stops for a second and then swoops his tail. Usually done when under Kushala. Close range, low damage. -Grip Attack (close): same as the other Grip Attack, but only used when blown away by his wind aura in the sky. Kushala then tries to grab you. Close range, medium damage.

Manuervers: Ground: -Back Jump: Jumps back quite a distance

Sky: -Quarter Circle Turn: this is a hard to explain manuerve. I show it in a drawing. http://i9.tinypic.com/8aelkbo.jpg

As you can see, Kushala performs much better in the sky. It might take a while before you know his air based moveset.

3.1) Recommend Items - Blademaster [RIBM]

10× Potion 5× Mega Potion 3× Thawing Agent (in mountains) 5× Lighting Rod (optional, Jungle) 2-4× Whetstones (relies on the weapon's sharpness, just take as much Whetstones as you want) 3/4× Paintball (if you don’t have Psychic Vision) Flash Bombs (optional, for if it hovers)

3.2) Recommend Items - Bow [RIBO]

10× Potion 5× Mega Potion 3× Thawing Agent (in mountains) 5× Lighting Rod (optional, Jungle) 3/4× Paintball (if you don’t have Psychic Vision) 50× Power Coating (only use when Aura is deactivated) 20× Poison Coating Flash Bombs (optional, for if it hovers)

4.1) Recommend Equipment - Blademaster [REPB]

Defence: 250

Skills: Dragon Windpress - +20 windpress, gives full protection to Wind Aura. Diablos armor gives it. Earplug - +10 HearProtection, gives protection to screams and other large sounds - Tigrex or Rathalos Soul armour gives it

For advanced ones: ESP - +10 Fencing, anti-bouncing - Death Stench S gives is (This could be very usefull when attacking the wings or just when you attack at the wrong moment) a note on the Jewels - you need a Rathalos plate for +1 Fenching. Spending 10 Los plates is not a good idea, so i recommend armor for it.

Recommend Weapons: Tachi's: Devil Slicer Wyvern Blade "Leaf"

Greatsword: Khezu Shock Sword Ravager Blade+

Hammer: Great Nova Anvil Hammer

Hunting Horn: Khezu Horn+ War Drum+

Lance: Thunder Spear Venom Lance

Gunlance: Grand Slam

Sword and Shield: Thunderbane Upper Battleaxe

Dual Blades: Kirin Bolts You could use some high raw Duals, like the Raven Tessen

Note on Lances and Gunlances: I can suggest the weapons if you're planning to use them, but i don't recommend using them. Kushala is way to fast

4.2) Recommend Equipment - Bow [REBO]

Defense: 175

Skills: Runner - +10 Stamina, slows down the stamina bar when running/charging - full Remobra with some Stamina jewels or a Shogun waist gives it (bow charges are used alot) Earplug - +10 HearProtection, gives protection to screams and other large sounds - Tigrex or Rathalos Soul armour gives it (rarely used, gunners mostly are enough away to be unafected by a small scream)

Recommend weapon(s): Sonic Bow II Dragon Bow Halo

5.1) Battle Tactics - Blademaster [BTTB]

As soon as you encounter Kushala, focus on his head and tail.

Head Tactics - Attack his head a couple of times (light weapons) or one time (heavy weapons) after he blows wind on the ground - [img]http://i9.tinypic.com/6jmdjkg.jpg[/img]

Another technique is when Kushala jumps backwards. He growls which will make him attackable.

Tip: if its horn is broken, his wind aura will disappear. so focus on it until you break it. After you broke it, attack freely. I still recommend his head, ofcourse.

Wing Tactic: as you may know, almost every sharpness bounces of his wings. The good thing, you don't have to lower his health to break it. needs 2 flinches. When broken, you see Kushala's new skin (which is Silver colored)

Tail tactics – When he is hovering, you can easily attack its feet/tail, instead if using Flash Bombs. Just beware of his turn attack (Kushala turns around and throw you away - see the Attacks section for more information).

A note on breaking the horn and cutting the tail: These breakables are not breakable unti you do 25% total damage on Kushala. Attacking his head between 75%-100% is a major case. Mainly because of the fact you don't know how much HP a monster has, unless you're using a cheat device such as CWCheat.

5.2) Battle Tactics - Bow [BTBO]

Moments when to charge-up fully: Whenever Kushala did a Wind Shot or a charge. Moments when not to Charge-up fully: Sky. Kushala's attacks are unpredictable, mainly because of the number of attacks. You could do it, but then you'll risk it.

Arrows shot when the wind aura is active, result in the arrows recoil back to you. When its aura is active, his head, tail-point and wing-points are NOT protected by its aura.

Tip: Gunners and Bowers can do something blademasters can't with weapons. Taking Kushala out the sky. By flinching it on it's head, Kushala drops down. The bad part is that he goes in hover mode most of the time. An easy way to do this fast. See how many shots it takes to flinch Kushala with your bow. take for example 4 shots. So, shoot 3 times on it's head. then attack random parts except his head. when it goes in hover mode, you can take it down in one shot on his head.

       Mission Completed


6) Breakable Parts & special items from it [BBSI]

Horn - Kushala Horn as reward Wings - Kushala Webbing as reward Tail - Kushala Tail as carve(1×)

7) Rewards and Carves [RWAC]

Credit goes to Kawakami Hanabi from Gamefaqs

Elder-- Reward For Breaking:

       Daora Horn X1(!) (95%)
       Elder Dragon Blood X1 (5%)
       Daora Webbing(!) X1 (67%)
       Daora Scale X1 (18%)
       Daora Claw X2 (15%)


       Daora Scale (50%)
       Daora Shell (32%)
       Elder Dragon Bone (10%)
       Daora Claw (5%)
       Elder Dragon Blood (3%)
       Daora Tail(!) (53%)
       Daora Shell (42%)
       Decayed Dragon Scale (5%)


       Dragon Treasure (35%)
       Decayed Dragon Scale (15%)
       Daora Scale (8%)
       Elder Dragon Blood (2%)

G Rank-- Reward for Breaking:

       Daora Horn (!) X1 (88%)
       Elder Dragon Blood X1 (8%)
       Daora Jewel X1 (4%)
       Daora Webbing(!) X1 (50%)
       Daora Scale+ X1 (32%)
       Daora Sharp Claw(!) X1 (15%)
       Daora Jewel X1 (3%)


       Daora Scale+ (40%)
       Daora Carapace (30%)
       Daora Shell (18%)
       Daora Sharp Claw(!) (5%)
       Elder Dragon Blood (5%)
       Daora Jewel (2%)
       Daora Tail(!) (45%)
       Daora Carapace (35%)
       Daora Shell (18%)
       Daora Jewel (2%)


       Dragon Treasure (35%)
       Dragon Treasure+ (35%)
       Daora Scale+ (23%)
       Elder Dragon Blood (4%)
       Daora Jewel (3%)

(!) - Items only or headly got by breaking/carve

8) Kushala Daora Armor [KDAM]

Normal: Base Defense - Blademaster 210, Gunner 105

Skills - Blade Master & Gunner Damage Receration Speed +2 Terrain Damage Reduction [high] Posion Duration X2

Helm - Kushala Glare/Snarl Daora Horn X1 Daora Shell X2 Dragonite Ore X4

Plate - Kushala Cista/Vise Daora Shell X2 Daora Webbing X1 Dragonite Ore X2 ElderDragonBloos X1

Gauntlets - Kushala Grip/Embrace Daora Shell X3 Daora Claw X1 DaoraDragonScale X3 Elder Dragon Bone X3

Wiast - Kushala Cocoon/Wind Wrap Daora Webbing X1 Daora Claw X2 Daora Shell X2 Firestone X1

Leggings - Kushala Crus/Shank Daora Shell X3 DaoraDragonScale X4 Daora Claw X1 Dragonite Ore X3

S-Serie Base Defense - Blademaster 330, Gunner 160

Skills Blademaster & Gunner Damage Receration Speed +2 Terrain Damage Reduction [high]

Helm - Kushala Glare/Snarl S Daora Carapace X2 Daora Horn X1 Daora Jewel X1 Rare Scarab X2

Plate - Kushala Cista/Vise S Daora Carapace X2 Daora Webbing X2 Carbalite Ore X4 ElderDragonBlood X2

Gauntlets - Kushala Grip/Embrace S Daora Carapace X3 Daora Sharp Claw X1 DaoraDragonScale+ X3 Elder Dragon Bone X5

Waist - Kushala Cocoon/Wind Wrap S Daora Carapace X2 Daora Sharp Claw X2 Daora Webbing X2 Firecell Stone X1

Leggings - Kushala Crus/Shank S Daora Carapace X3 DaoraDragonScale+ X4 Daora Sharp Claw X1 Union Ore X3

Kushala Weapons [KDWP]

Heavy Bowguns:

Daora's Delphinida Grande Daora


Steel Ice Blade/Steel ICe Blade+/Daora Decimator (Flat Ruststone)

Longswords: Rusty Claymore/Grind Claymore/Gaelic Flame

Hammers: Steel Ice Hammer/Daora's Collossus (Lg Ancient Stone)

Lances: Steel Ice Spear/Steel ICe sprear+/Daora's Fang (Ruststone Rod)

Sword and Shieldd: Steel Ice Dagger/Steel ICe Dagger+/Daora's Razor (Small Ruststone)


1) Q: What is CWCheat? A: It's a cheat device for PSP. You need custom firmware. http://cwcheat.consoleworld.org/

2) Q: How do i unlock Kushala? A: Look at the 'Unlocking Kushala' section

3) Q: How do i get Thunderbug Juice? A: By either trading Battlefield Jewels with the veggie elder in the jungle, or go to the 5* village quests and do the Remobra slaying quest. When first entering the tower, you see a lot of Great Thunderbugs. Kill them, and they might drop a sparkle.

4) Q: I can't get any Gypceros Heads A: Gypceros has: 5% when breaking heads, or 3% with carve. Keep slaying them to get one.

5) Q: how do i use quick search? A: Press ctrl+F at the same time.

6) Q: How do i contact you? A: By: sending me an E-mail, or look for my username on SoC (gastje) or Neo (toetancham)

This guide may be contributed at: SkiesofCrimson Neoseeker

_________________________ |[email protected]|

10) Credits [CRDS]

Made by: Toetancham/Gastje. Depends on which nickname I chose (which is totally random =])

Thanks to: Kawakami Hanabi - for making the awesome 'Boss Carve' guidegu. Capcom - for making this great game. Furnaps (@ Neoseeker) - for inspiring me to make guides And a really big thanks to: Croda - for giving me alot of tips on how to improve my guide.

© Gastje © Toetancham

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