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Yian Kut-ku: The Yian Kut-ku is the weakest wyvern in the game and doesn't require special weapons or armour to defeat. I'll recommend some stuff that can be useful though.

Weapon: Anything you can easily obtain. Just pick a weapon you like and upgrade it as far as possible. It's important to use a weapon you like and are used to, than just go for something powerful. If you're really struggling to decide I suggest a Sword and Shield for first timers: Frost Edge. Although its power is low, it has green sharpness and Ice element which is good for fighting Kut-kus, almost as good as water. SnS are also good because they're fast, can block, and you can side roll after nearly ever sword swipe. If you prefer guns, however, use Shotgun (Azure). It can use Water S which is Kut-kus biggest weakness, but also Normal and Pellet S level 2 which is good to have.

Armour: my recommendation is Battle armour, it's easy to obtain the materials and it has nice skills. Sharpening Skill Increase for Blademasters, which lets you sharpen your weapon much more quickly than usual, and Reload Speed+1 for Gunners which lets you reload your gun faster, for Bow users you apply coatings a little faster.

Fighting Tactics: Kut-ku will seem pretty big your first time, and hard to dodge. A good way to read his attacks, and any other wyverns, is how fast he turns to face you. If he turns quickly he'll either charge or fly forward and claw. These are his long range attacks. If he turns slowly he will either fireball or do his multi-peck attack. The multipeck is done either standing still or with a forward hop, so don't forget to watch out for this. These are his short range attacks. In addition to these he also does a tail spin move, which can be avoided by standing between his legs if you want to melee him while he does it. Too close to the tail will have you sent flying though, so don't try it if you're unsure.

Items: Take as much healing as possible. 10 Potions and 10 Herbs. If you have the patience, get some honey from the Snowy Mountains area 4 and make 10 Megapotions for emergencies. If you can get a hold of flash-bombs I recommend using them. They stop the Kut-ku from being able to move or target you, it will stand still and either tail swing or peck/bite. Just combine Sap Plants and Stones to make Bomb Material, and then combine a Flashbug with the Bomb Material. Flashbugs can be obtained from the farm or from any bug point. Take Psychoserum, purchased from the old lady, to find him more easily if you lose him. Paintball him every 5 minutes on the clock to ensure you always know where he is. Traps will also be a big help. Shock Trap (combine Genprey Fang and Trap Tool) is good, but doesn't hold him as long as a Pitfall (Net (Spiderweb and Ivy) and Trap Tool).

When you come to face Blue Kut-ku, he'll be exactly the same as the regular, just a little tougher.

Good luck!


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