Long Sword

Yukumo Long Sword

[edit] Overview

Righty O then, so...you've picked a weapon type, and you've decided on the Long Sword - more commonly referred to as the 'LS' The has the size and power of the Great Sword plus the speed of a Sword and Shield set! Well, this sounds like the perfect weapon, power, speed, elemental attributes, good looking...but it lacks the ability to guard which is why many people find fault with it.

The LS also has an extra ability called the 'Spirit Gauge' As you fight, the gauge is filled, and whenever you want you can then use the Spirit you have saved up to increase speed and attack, become wind resistant and a few more bonuses!

The Long Swords are based on the 'Katana' weapon, almost like the weapons used by early ninjas. Quick, subtle, dangerous, powerful.

They are the perfect weapon type for beginners AND experienced players, a great all round weapon type.

[edit] The Long Sword

Long Swords, or Tachi, are melee weapons with long, slender blades. They were first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom/Portable 2. Long Swords aren't as sturdy as Great Swords, and because the blade is so weak, it cannot be used to block. Long Swords generally have high attack power, and often have large amounts of elemental power. The Long Sword is a fairly light weapon, which enables the player to jog with it at the ready, as well as perform swift evasions.

Long Swords have a unique feature known as a 'Spirit Gauge' that fills up when the player lands attacks. When this Spirit Gauge is full, the Long Sword becomes very sharp, and capable of slicing a monster where previously it bounced off. Attack power is also raised slightly. After a period where no hits are landed, the Spirit Gauge will slowly drain back to empty.

[edit] Controls

Control Type Overhead Slash Stab Back-Step Swing Side-Step Swing Spirit Release Rounhouse Slash Roll/Dodge
Triangle O Triangle + O N/A N/A R X
A Tilt Right+A Minus Tilt Left/Right + Minus Z Spirit Combo + A B


The Long Sword features an infinite combo move, where attacks can be chained together without break, endlessly.

A good example of this is to press Triangle, Circle, Triangle. The character will perform an overhead slash, then a stab, followed by an upward slash. When the Long Sword is in the air during the upward slash, repeat the Triangle, Circle, Triangle combo. the character should launch immediately into the same combo, without stopping. This can be used to deal large amounts of damage to an enemy in a small space of time, if your spirit gauge is low. The best application for the infinite combo is to max out your spirit gauge and this is most safely done on a downed foe.


The Long Sword isn't the fastest weapon in the world, and some attacks will leave you motionless for a few moments. use a roll, plus a directional button, to escape this trap.

There are many more Long Swords to make, so get hunting!

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