Lordpilot's Ultimate Set Guide


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Lordpilot's Ultimate Set Guide

This is a guide to make GREAT armor's!

Okay this is the first set: I think i will call it KiVine! Well... Wut the *bleep*

First at all you need to know this can take days.

This is the best i ever made for myself!

Lets get this started. You need to be Hr9, and i will tell the armor spec and peaces.

Kirin Horn X-KirinHideG/KirinSlvMane+3/KirinAzrHorn/KirinMane+5

Crystal Necklace- PureCrystal/HypnocGizzardstone+/EmperorLocust+3

Kirin Longarms X- KirinHideG/KirinHide++2/PurpleGypcerosStrongWing+2/ThunderbugJelly+6

Kirin Hoop X-KirinHideG/KirinThndrTailG+3/KirinAzrHorn+2/LighteningSac+3

Kirin Legguards X-KirinHideG/KirinHide+.+3/PurpGypcerosStrngWing+3/LighteningSac+2

Defence: 527 (Full upgrade) Fire res: 0 Water Res: 8 Thunder res: 16 Ice res: 0 Dragon res: -4

Skills: Runner/Stamina loss halved. Divine Protection/20% chance to take 30% less damage on next attack. Sharpness+1/Visible more Sharpness. Elemental Attack+1/Deals more Elemental Damage like Fire/Frost/Dragon/Water/Thunder.

The set is pretty easy to get but harder when it comes to jewels.

You need 6 Artisan Jewels-Each: Battlefield Jewel/Monoblos Heart OR LapizLazuliJewel/Ceanataur Claw+/Lao-ShanCarapace. 1 Master Jewel-Each: LapisLazuliJewel/Akantor Claw/DaoraSharpClaw+2/Basarios Wing. 1 DevineProtectionJewel-Each: LapizlazuliJewel/Ucamulbas Scale/Commendation G.

That Was the Hard part... Now to get material: KirinHideG. Beat A G-ranked Kirin

Kirin Hide+. Beat a +-Ranked Kirin.

Kirin Silver Mane. Beat a G-ranked Kirin.

Kirin Azure Horn. Beat a G/+-ranked Kirin.

Kirin Mane. Beat a Normal/+-Ranked Kirin.

Kirin Thunder Tail G. Beat a G-Ranked Kirin.

Choice Khezu Steak. Beat a G-ranked Khezu.

Pure Crystal. Mine it at +5Mining point Or Bomb a +LBB and Bomber cave. Collect it in different quests or Combine with Expand pick axe

Purple Gypceros Strong Wing. Beat a G-Ranked Puple Gypceros.

Thunderbug Jelly. Kill thunder bugs in G-ranked quests.

Lightening Sac. Kill a G-ranked Khezu/red Khezu.

Vibrant Crown. Kill a G-ranked Congalla/Green Congalla.

Battlefield Jewel. Mine at 2-+4mining point or bomb it out with any bomb.

Monoblos Heart. Beat a +-Ranked Monoblos/White Monoblos. Break shell +-Ranked Daimyo Hermitaur

Lapis Lazuli Jewel. Mine at +3-+4Mining point or Bomb it with LBB or +LBB. Collect at Few places.

Akantor Claw. Beat a Akantor.

Daora sharp claw. Beat a +/G Ranked Kushala Daora.

Basarios Wing. Beat a +-Ranked Basarios.

Ucamulbas Scale. Beat a Ucamulbas.

Commendation G. Collect from Elder Dragons (G rank quests Only)

Hypnoc Gizzard Stone+. Kill a G-Ranked Hypnoc.

Emperor Locust. Catch with net in any maps. Catch at Hammer Tree or Catch at Insect ticket+4.

Jewel spots:

Put the Master Jewel into Crystal Necklase.

Put Artisan Jewel into any spot.

Put Devine Protection Jewel Into any spot.

Okay now you guys got a little start on the fresh meat. Year this set look sexy and nasty og

female hunters ;D.

Well the next is kinda new.

I call it "Battle Healthy Mail"

Well First of all this armor is indeed a low class armor but it is "THE NR. 1" In the start.

This set is great in the start because it gives the skills you can get by 5 master chefs, and THAT is what a newbie has of use!

Okay lets get started:

Bullfango Mask. BullfangoHead+1/BullfangoHide+2/GiantBone+2.

Battle Mail. (Buyable) KalbiHide+2/VelocipreyScale+1/EarthCrystal+3/Whetstone+5

Battle Vambraces. (Buyable) KlebiHide+1/IronOre+3/EarthCrystal+2/Whetstone+2

Battle Tasset. (Buyable) KelbiHide+2/AntekaPelt+2/EarthCrystal+2/Whetstone+2

Battle Greaves. (Buyable) KelbiHide+1/BullfangoPelt+2/EarthCrystal+3/Whetstone+5

Easy Part is over. Well now to the jewels

2 Strength Jewels (Health +4) 2 Attack Jewels (Attack +2)

Put them anywhere and one of them in weapone.


Health +50/Well gives full bar of health. Attack Up (Small)/Increanse your damage Slightly. Sharpening Skill Inc/Gives faster Sharpening.


Kelbi Hide. Carve any rank Kelbi.

Whetstone. Buy them half price at old lady merchant OR buy full price at any other Merchant.

Iron Ore... DO not bother do more guiding today so lets call it for today ;D

More Updates will come i hope! Version 2.3 Special Thanks to Twin Master, for giving me some help and support. Mail: [email protected] This Was original uploaded for Neoseeker.com.

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