Rudorosu.jpgThe 'Harem' of Royal Ludroth
Monster TypeLeviathan
WeaknessesFire, Thunder
HabitatsDeserted Island Flooded Forest
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

Ludroth is an aggressive Leviathan that first made it's appearance in Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii.

Ludroth are land based serpent creatures which live mainly on land. They have the capabilities to breathe air as well as underwater, able to tolerate and interchange between the two without being dependant on one source. Their nests are located in and around water sources with one situated underwater and the other situated on land, usually located close by.

The Ludroth has an Alpha-Male counterpart known as the Royal Ludroth, which is more developed, however containing a similar resemblance.

Ludroth are usually found in packs of 2 or 3 and are rarely alone.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: "Currently None"

Appearance: Large and stocky body shape, they have muscular legs and a strong firm tail, articulated to allow it's use as a rudder. They are covered in yellow and green colored hide, which is spongy in some areas, though not as fully developed as the Royal Ludroth. Their heads are large, with rather piercing eyes and small jagged teeth. The tail is small and articulated, with some spikes for defence. The eyes contain a secondary lense that allows for them to see clearly under water.

Nature: Aggressive, they mainly congregate in packs of 2 to 3, usually situated close to a water source which is also close by their originating nest. They can be seen in groups, usually foraging for food as well as protecting their designated area. Despite being independent of their Alpha-Male counterpart they are still dependant on other Ludroth in the pack.

[edit] Combat

Jaggi will roar when they notice an enemy, indicating their intent to attack and defend their area. Their tactics usually involve attacking in groups, but does involves feats of individuality.

Ludroth attack by closing in on their enemies and biting at them through thrusting their heads and bodies forward. They can occasionally turn to their side and attempt to hip check, as well as flick their tail at them. Watch out! New players often have trouble with them while fighting the Royal Ludroth because they all are focused on you and attack you when charging a move or evading the Royal Ludroth.

In the presences of a Royal Ludroth there does not seem to be any change, with most Ludroth making no real indication of any signals or acknowledgement of the Royal Ludroth.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Ludroth can almost always be found close by to a water source and rarely stray away from them. These water sources can include streams, lakes or oceans.

[edit] Carves

Ludroth can only be carved a maximum of 1 time.

[edit] Low-Rank


[edit] High-Rank


[edit] Notes

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