Moga Farm

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[edit] General Information

Different from the farms in Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Moga Farm in Tri is used mainly to replicate items such as herbs, seeds, bugs, and Honey.

Your character starts with one felyne worker who can perform one task, and gain up to three as you progress. Give one of the workers a certain amount of an item, specify the amount of days you want them to work up to a maximum of 10, and pay them accordingly. You're able to pick up an item from them every half day or wait to pick up all of the items when they're done.

Cultivating requires that the player has at least one of the item that he or she wishes to grow, and the appropriate amount of resources required for the length of time they want. Players can also increase the yield by providing the Felynes fertilizers. It's a good thing to note that once you've initiated the cats to grow something, it cannot be canceled.

[edit] Amenities

Resource Level Resource Points Materials Unlock
Fields 1 --- --- ---
2 300pts Dung x2; Supersized dung x1 Clear Big Game Hunting
3 500pts Fertile Mud x2; Supersized Dung x2; Catalyst x2 Clear Trail of the sea dragon
Shroom Box 1 --- --- ---
2 80pts --- Clear Farm Aid
3 500pts Monster Fluid x1; Shroom Germ x3; Big Fin x1 Clear Accident Investigation
Honey 1 300pts Cactus Flower x2; Earth Crystal x2 Clear Shakalaka Savior!
2 400pts Dash Extract x1; Cactus Flower x2; Bizzy Bess x2 Clear Accident Investigation
3 500pts Pale Extract x1; Cactus Flower x4; Bizzy bees x2 Clear The Volcano's Fury
Insect Box 1 150pts Monster Fluid x1 Clear No love for Ludroth
2 400pts Funky Pheromones x4; Gluehopper x3 Clear Save our Boat
3 500pts BugMaker Pro x4; Killer Beetle x3 Clear Fell the Lagiacrus!

[edit] Items


Item pts Byproducts
Herb 5pts
Antidote Herb 5pt
Sap Plant 10pt
Paintberry 10pt Huskberry
Sleep Herb 10pt
Fire Herb 20pt Huskberry
Needleberry 5pt Huskberry
Dragonfell Berry 100pt Huskberry
Firedouse Berry 20pt Huskberry
Waterblock Seed 20pt Huskberry
Icethaw Pellet 20pt Huskberry
Stormsender Seed 20pt Huskberry
Hot Pepper 20pt
Cactus Flower 20pt Huskberry
Airweed 10pt
Scatternut 20pt Huskberry
Ivy 10pt
Might Seed 80pt
Adamant Seed 60pt
Bomberry 20pt Huskberry

Shroom Box

Item pts Byproducts
Blue Mushroom 5pt Worm
ParaShroom 20pt Worm
Exciteshroom 30pt
Dragon Toadstool 300pt Worm
Toadstool 10pt
Nitroshroom 20pt Wrom

Insect box

Item pts Byproducts
Bitterbug 20
Godbug 100 Insect Husk
Yambug 10
Bughopper 10
Snakebee Larva 20
Flash Bug 80 Insect Husk


Item pts Byproducts
Honey 40pt insect husk

[edit] Fertilizer

Name Where to use Effect How to obtain
Dung Fields Increase yield Reward for killing Aptonoth, gather in Area 8 in moga woods
Super-sized Fields Increase yield Reward for killing Large Aptonoth
Fertile Mud Fields Increase yield Hunt Barroth
BugMaker!Pro BugBox Increase yield Argosy Captain
Funky Pheromones BugBox Increase yield Reward for killing large Bnahabra
Shroom Germ Mushroom Increase yield Reward for killing an Altaroth
Shroom Germ+ Mushroom Increase yield Reward for killing a large Altaroth
Bizzy Bees Hive Increase yield Trade from the Argosy Captain
Saturnian Trap All Increase yield; May also catch a Saturnian Trade from the Argosy Captain

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