Monster Hunter 3 (Wii)

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Title Monster Hunter 3
Launch Date NA Apr 20, 2010

EU Apr 23, 2010
AUS Apr 29, 2010
JP Aug 1, 2009

Platform[s] Wii
Players 1-2 (offline) 1-4(online)
Controller Types Wii Mote, Classic Controller, Classic, Controller Pro
Online Communications Wii Speak, USB Keyboard, On-Screen Keyboard

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Also see: Skills for an explanation of what they are, what they do, and how to customize sets.


[edit] Game Info

[edit] The Story

Moga Village, a small fishing port, is under threat from constant tremors that grow in frequency. The Village Elder, believing there's something behind it all, asks the guild for support and sends for a hunter to aid them. This is where the player comes in, as this new hunter you will be trained by the villagers of Moga fighting increasingly stronger beasts until you find the cause of the earthquakes. While doing quests the hunter comes along and finds a lost shakalaka child in the forest for an urgent quest, after the hunter saves him the child, Cha-Cha joins the hunter hoping to make himself worthy at his village.

[edit] New Weapons

There are a number of new weapons including the Switch Axe and the Medium Bowgun. The Switch Axe has two forms, Axe Mode and Sword Mode. Axe Mode is similar in speed and move set to the Longsword. What sets the new Switch Axe apart from other weapons is not only its ability to change attack styles, but its massive attack power which boasts some of the highest in the game. While in Axe Mode, you only have access to 6 attacks. They are: The Overhead slash, the sideways slash, the forward slash, the rising slash,the morph slash and the hack'n'slash. Sword Mode acts similarly to that of a GS with no block. Using Sword Mode activates the weapon's phial. Phial types differ among different types of Switch Axes. There are four types of phials, these include Dragon, Element, Power, and Paralysis phials. Element phials increase the power of the elemental stat of the weapon when in sword mode. Dragon phials give the weapon a set amount of dragon elemental damage when in sword mode. Dragon phials do NOT act the same as Elemental phials. Power phials add a damage multiplier in sword mode, increasing the power of your attacks. Paralysis phials give the weapon a set amount of paralysis potency when in sword mode. There are several differences between the sword mode and a Great Sword. They are as follows: 1. Sword Mode has no guard 2. Sword Mode has no charge attacks 3. Sword Mode is limited to Five attacks: A Forward slash, overhead slash, a rising slash, a sweeping slash, and the Burst attack. 4. Sword mode does not bounce off of monsters at any sharpness level In order to use the Sword Mode for the Switch Axe, you must have some of the Charge gauge filled. The charge gauge fills automatically when you are in Axe mode, and depletes with every attack used in Sword Mode. 5. The swings of sword mode are faster than those of the Great sword.

The Medium Bowgun is classified as a bowgun with a weight range anywhere between 30-70. Medium Bowguns act almost identically to the other weight classes of bowgun, except when dodging. Medium Bowguns can dodge by rolling forward normally, or sideways after taking a shot (except when using rapid-fire). Medium Bowguns are also taken out and put away faster than heavy bowguns.

[edit] Quests

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) has a large variety of quests for all hunters of any level in either the offline game with a 1 to 5 stars in difficulty and the very large online "City" mode with missions going from 1 to 6 stars with many off the quests almost impossible to do by the player alone and will require help from other hunters. Players start the game with a few tutorials and are left to defend for themselves while completing missions to get new armor or weaponry. After certain quests are done the game gives the player a "Urgent Quest" which the player must complete before moving on to the next set of missions.

The player is allowed to hunt in the Deserted Island whenever they want to for as long as they want but during missions a time limit is given which is normally 50 minutes before the quest fails.

During quests there can be 3 different goals, 1 main goal which has to be completed to finish the quest properly and sometimes 1 or 2 sub goals which will take extra time but can be done to get more money for those all important equipment. Some online event quests will require that these subquests to be completed to win.

[edit] Controls

[edit] General Controls

Control Type Movement Action Crouch/Roll Camera Unsheathe Weapon Open Menu Use Item Item Menu
Left Stick A B Right Stick X Plus Y Hold ZL
Nunchuck Stick A/Shake Nunchuck B D-Pad Shake Remote 2 1 Hold C

[edit] Menu/Shops

Control Type Move Cursor Confirm Cancel
D-Pad A B
D-Pad A B

A video of the in-mission controls can be seen here

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