Monster Hunter 4

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Title Monster Hunter 4
Launch Date JP14th September 2013
Platform[s] 3DS
Players 1 (offline) 1-4(online)
Controller Types 3DS Game Pad Pro
Online Communications On-Screen Keyboard

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Monster Hunter 4 is the newest installment of Monster hunter. Capcom improves the graphics and adds a new feature: climbing and jumping. This includes riding on wyverns such as Basarios and jumping to evade monsters' attacks. Unlike it's predecessor Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the game lacks the swimming feature. This game has multiple villages, such as Barubare Village and Naguri Village. Barubare is a warm desert Island, whilst Naguri village is an area with a volcanic atmosphere.

The flagship monster of this game is Goa Magara which has the dragon virus ailment.

[edit] Announced Monsters

[edit] Notes

  • New climbing feature added
  • Monsters from previous games return
  • Goa Magara, the flagship monster, has a special ailment to reanimate dead monsters such as Tigrex
  • Second Monster Hunter game to be released on 3DS
  • Lacks the swimming feature
  • New areas, weapons, armours, and village
  • Multiple villages: include Barubare village and Naguri Village
  • In the end of the trailer, there is an astronomical monster, possibly Raviente
  • New weapon types; Charge Axe and Insect Staff
  • Only on 3ds
  • New dragon virus ailment
  • No subspecies


Although it has not yet been announced for release in North America or Europe, it is widely speculated that the game will be localized in the near future.

[edit] Images

a Rathian infected by the dragon virus

infected Tigrex

new version of Basarios

Kushala Daora
The new Teostra
Gravios MH4 Render.png

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