Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

Monster Hunter Unite
MHFU.jpgMonster Hunter Freedom Unite Boxart
TitleMonster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (JP)
Launch DateNA June 23, 2009

EU June 26, 2009
AUS June 27, 2009

JP March 27, 2008
Platform(s)Playstation Portable
Players1 (Offline) 1-4 (Online)
Controller TypesPlaystation Portable Face Buttons
Online CommunicationsTalking(LAN Game), USB Keyboard(via AdHoc Party) USB Mic (via AdHoc Party)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (also known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G in Japan) is an Action-Adventure based fantasy game developed and published by Capcom, and the third instalment of Monster Hunter for the Playstation Portable system (not taking into account different language releases). Released on the 23rd June, 2009, it is a direct port of Portable 2nd G, save the translations. The game, while very similar in structure to it's predecessor Monster Hunter Freedom 2, has a variety of additions, including new monsters, weapons, armour, areas and quests. Among these additions is the game's support for Ad Hoc Party, which allows gamers to play online with others for the first time in a Portable Monster Hunter game (Monster Hunter Freedom and Freedom 2 only supported Ad Hoc online gameplay). Many of the newer additions to the game also borrow from the PC game, Monster Hunter Frontier, including the new monsters and locations. Along with new quests to support these, the original Generation 1 Maps previously featured in Monster Hunter (PS2) and Monster Hunter Freedom are also able to hunt in.


[edit] New Features

Although Freedom Unite is a very similar game to Freedom 2, it has a variety of addages, including several new monsters; both from predecessors and exclusive to the release, as well as a new comrade system, tougher quests and better armour and weapons, with new gameplay elements.

[edit] Monsters

The game's flagship monster, Nargacuga first appeared within Freedom Unite and is exclusive to the portable game. As is the game's main boss Ukalnos. Interestingly enough, both are extremely similar in structure to the game's cousin Monster Hunter Freedom 2, with Tigrex and Akantor being the game's flagship and boss monster respectively. Both the physiological structure, attack patterns and gameplay mechanics of either monster sets are based off each other, indicating the development of Freedom 2's monsters for the release of Freedom Unite.

The game also borrows monsters originally exclusive to the PC version of Monster Hunter; Monster Hunter Frontier, including Hypnocatrice, Lavasioth and Queen Vespoid. Hypnocatrice is a restructure of the Yian Kut-Ku, and Lavasioth similar to Plesioth, while Queen Vespoid has an entirely new monster structure.

The game also revisits some monsters previous featured in earlier games, such as the re-inclusion of Yama Tsukami which first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 but was removed from Freedom 2. King Shakalaka, while not new to the series, has been revamped and is focused on as a "boss monster" within the game, with improved visuals in comparison to Freedom 2, when it was simply a larger Shakalaka. Previously, King Shakalaka did hold an entire quest devoted to it, and was rather a stronger subordinate.

[edit] Color Variant Monsters

Several pre-existing monsters have developed stronger, color variants. These include:

[edit] Areas

The Great Forest, previously featured in on Frontier, also makes an appearance throughout the game, used for higher level quests. An exclusive Moat Arena is also part of the game, only through special downloadable quests.

[edit] Weapons and Armor

Many weapons can be upgraded again. And with the addition of a lot more new weapons(and more G weapons after defeating Ukanlos) the amount of weapons that you can create is unbelievable. Another new feature for some of the new weapons is dual element for dual swords. This enables you to have two different elemental attributes in one weapon. e.g. Ice and Fire. There are also many new armors that have been put in for all the new monsters. Along with this are new armor spheres called Royal Armor Sphere and True Armor Sphere. These allows you to further improve your armor. However, some armor skills and requirements have been changed. (Ex. Guard +2 requires 20 points to activate, instead of just 15.) (Akantor Armour no longer gives High Grade Earplug even when gemmed.)

[edit] Quests

Now after High Rank (HR 4-6) there is G-Rank (HR 7-9). With this new attainable hunter ranks come many new quests with new monsters and areas.

[edit] Online

Another great aspect of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the online co-op. using Ad-Hoc you can play with 3 other of your friends to form 4 player hunting parties that can work together to bring tough monsters down. Freedom Unite will feature online multiplayer via the PS3's remote connection capabilities.

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