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Title Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
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Platform[s] PSP
Players 1-4 (Locally)
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[edit] General Info

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is the latest in the PSP series of the games. Utilizing updates from Monster Hunter 3 as well as adding more of its own features. The game takes place in the mountain village of Yukumo Village, which takes after traditional Japanese architecture and appearances.

[edit] Story

Nothing is known yet

[edit] Weapons

The game's weapon list features all of the weapon types in the game's history excluding the Medium Bowgun. All weapons that obtained a new moveset or attacks in Tri have retained their attacks and the others seem to have new attacks as well, including a faster moving and more slash oriented Gunlance.

[edit] Armors

The Yukumo Village Male Armor

New and old armors will be included within the game. Armors used in Monster Hunter Tri for the Tri specific monsters will be included, as well as new armors for the new monster in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, as well as the new default armor set, designed off of the theme of the village. It is currently unknown if the same Armor styles for the previous monster not featured in Tri will stay the same, or whether they will be updated with the new game engine.

[edit] New Creatures

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd features three new monsters.

Aoashira, the bear of the Mountain stream.
First there is Aoashira, a large bear-like Pelagus with armored sections on its forearms and back. Then there is Jinouga, a wolf-like creature which has spiked sections and glowing streaks on its body and under its eyes.
Jinouga, the thunder wolf beast.
Lastly there is Gavua, a small creature which looks like emus or ostriches. THere is also a new herbivore that apears in the flooded forest, although the name of this monster is unknown.

Aside from these it features monsters from Monster Hunter Tri as well as Tigrex,Bulldrome and Nargacuga, unknown as to whether other creatures will be returning as well. It is currently unknown if underwater based monsters from Monster Hunter Tri (Lagiacrus) will be included, due to absence of swimming in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. However the Royal Ludroth has been shown in the teaser, though being an amphibious creature the AI was most likely change to accommodate a more land-based combat style.

[edit] New Features

Hunters are able to take two Felyne Comrades with them in each mission as well as fully customize their armor and weapons, adding depth to the comrades. The armors of the Felynes are based off the Hunter's style of armor, corresponding to specific monsters.

The game as a whole features upgraded graphics and sound as well as using the newer creature models of some of the returning monsters such as Rathalos and Rathian, which were used in Monster Hunter Tri. It also allows players to use Kanji and Katakana names, something not even done in the Japanese titles and probably a result of the game taking up the country's heritage in its setting.

Yukumo has a Village Elder just as previous towns, though this one is noticeably younger. It also has a hot spring that has an unknown function at this point, but is shown to have male and female attendants waiting for any users.

There are new maps as well, a Bamboo Forest in the mountains around Yukumo and an undisclosed map, which appears to contain multiple destroyed fuedal buildings. This is added to the Tundra, Flooded Forest though appears altered to compensate for the lack of swimming as well as the Deserted Island, Volcano (MH3) and Sandy Plains from Monster Hunter 3. Other maps are possible but currently unknown.

[edit] Development

Capcom has stated that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, in comparison to it's predecessors, will be much more focuses on visuals throughout the game. Most noticeably being a vast improvement in the graphics and animations of the gameplay to invoke more fluid movement.

[edit] HD Edition

Capcom has recently stated that a version of this game with upgraded resolution, optional 3D, and new quests will be available on PlayStation 3. This version seems to also be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation Vita as there has been footage of the game being played on the system utilizing the second analog stick.

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