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Monster Hunter i is the Mobile Phone version of Monster Hunter, created and released by Capcom on February 6th 2006 in Japan only. Since July 1st 2007, it has been renamed to simply "Monster Hunter".

[edit] Overview

Due to the technology that Monster Hunter i is contained on, a few differences have been made to the gameplay elements of Monster Hunter i to be able to accommodate the technological limitations of the standard Mobile Phone.

  • The Male Hunter is only available
  • The Hunter has no voice
  • Weapons and Armor are in 'sets', where each weapon is for a specific armor set.
  • Weapons have no Sharpness.
  • Monsters have health bars
  • The Areas featured in the game are version of the:
  • There is no online mode
  • Every monster is featured in the game besides Khezu and Fatalis.

[edit] Screencaps

MHI-Elder.jpg MHI-Monoblos.jpg MHI-KutKu.jpg MHI-Velocidrome.jpg


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