Monster References

A Transcript of the Monster References from Minegarde. (MHP2G/MHFU Version)


[edit] Monster List


[edit] Felyne

Type: Lynian

Cat-like humanoids called Lynians that are noted for their white fur. Felynes are quiet until angered, in which case they may attack. Capable of speech, they are sometimes found in the employ of human masters.


[edit] Melynx

Type: Lynian

Cat-like humanoids called Lynians with black fur. Their stick-fingers never miss a chance to steal things and take them back to their den, forcing victims to seek their lost items. Distracted by the sight of Felvine.


[edit] Shakalaka

Type: Lynian

A small, four-limbed monster known for always wearing a mask. Their camouflage-like qualities make them difficult to spot, but if you do, you're in trouble. There is also a rumour of a village hidden deep within the rainforest.


[edit] King Shakalaka

Type: Lynian

This Shakalaka chieftain pulls together the Shakalaka's as one, in order to act. Extremely quick to anger when approached, this hot-head can envoke his fiery wrath with emotion alone. Feared by even the most skilled hunter.


[edit] Vespoid

Type: Neopteron

An enormous, wasp-like insectoid with a poisonous stinger that paralyzes prey. Easily damaged, there are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed.


[edit] Queen Vespoid

Type: Neopteron

The Queen of the Vespoids carries an enormous and vividly colored abdomen. It commands the worker Vespoids to attack any intruders. With a well developed stinger, she can spray an acidic fluid, stunning any in her path.


[edit] Hornetaur

Type: Neopteron

A Vespoid-like monster with a thicker shell. Easily damaged, there are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed. But if you could sap their health gradually...


[edit] Great Thunderbug

Type: Neopteron

An abnormally large Thunderbug raised inside the body of an elder dragon and known to inhabit the same area as its former host, its electrical attack is deadly. This bug has various uses as material for crafting weapons and items.


[edit] Anteka

Type: Herbivore

Herbivorous monster living in the snowy mountains. Normally docile, but when provoked it will attack with its giant antlers. Its high quality pelt has many uses and its antlers are highly valued by the Guild.


[edit] Popo

Type: Herbivore

A herbivorous monster known for its giant. bent fangs. Living in herds, it is particularly bold when defending its offspring. Popo meat is quite nutritious, and its tongue is widely admired as a delicacy.


[edit] Kelbi

Type: Herbivore

Herbivorous, deer-like monsters. Valued for their horns, they tend to run away at the first hint of danger. They are also hunter for their meant, which is chewy yet flavorful.


[edit] Mosswine

Type: Herbivore

Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometime you will even find mushrooms growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though normally docile, they will charge you if angered!


[edit] Aptonoth

Type: Herbivore Hunted as a food source, these creatures are preyed upon by both hunter and monster alike. Usually timid, in pack they defend themselves with surprising strength.


[edit] Apceros

Type: Herbivore

Hunted for their meat, which is buried under a thick, armoured hide. Aggressive compared to the Aptonoth, hunting them can be a challenge. Apercors eggs are a valuable guild commodity.


[edit] Giaprey

Type: Bird Wyvern

A species of small bird-like carnivores known to inhabit the snowy mountains. Their white skin is beautiful, but their temperament is not. They are known to spit ice at hunters, and attack in deadly packs.


[edit] Giadrome

Type: Bird Wyvern

The alpha leader of a pack of Giaprey, the Giadrome sports a beautiful crest. Larger than a Giaprey, any hunter silly enough to encroach on its turf will be frozen in a hail of ice.


[edit] Velociprey

Type: Bird Wyvern

Aggressive, carnivorous monsters that often travel in packs. Even a master hunter should take care not to become surrounded! Wide ranging, they are found in many different areas, such as the jungle or forest and hills.


[edit] Velocidrome

Type: Bird Wyvern

The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place when injured to recover.


[edit] Genprey

Type: Bird Wyvern

An orange and green-striped species of small carnivores found mainly in desert zones. Travelling in packs, their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to paralyze prey.


[edit] Gendrome

Type: Bird Wyvern

The alpha monster that leads a Genprey pack. They are large and have a more prominent crest. Found in the desert, they can paralyze prey using their toxic fangs and claws.


[edit] Ioprey

Type: Bird Wyvern

A vivid red species of small carnivores often found in subtropical zones. Sacs in their throats contain a powerful poison that slowly drains the Health of their prey.


[edit] Iodrome

Type: Bird Wyvern

The alpha monster that leads an Ioprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Found in subtropical zones, they spit a poison that can sap the life force of prey.


[edit] Yian Kut-Ku

Type: Bird Wyvern

A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears that splay open when it is angered. With its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises. It is smaller but faster than other wyverns.


[edit] Yian Garuga

Type: Bird Wyvern

A breed of Yian Kut-Ku with a hard black shell and a long mane. Known for its trap avoiding slyness and poison loaded tail, it is a particularly evil wyvern, so beware!


[edit] Gypceros

Type: Bird Wyvern

A wyvern that can generate disorienting flashes of light when its prominent head crest is struck. Its rubbery hide resists damage and can ward off Shock Traps, while its spit carries a deadly venom. However, they are quite timid.


[edit] Hypnoc

Type: Bird Wyvern

Found mainly in the Rainforest, this bird-like wyvern of bright orange and vivid tail feathers thrives. Its known for its ability to spit sleep at predators and flee cowardly ensuring its survival. Its well-developed legs are dangerous.


[edit] Remobra

Type: Wyvern

Small wyverns with outstanding flying abilities, they loiter in the skies waiting to prey upon weakened animals. Known to attack alongside Elder Dragons, they are known as an omen to disaster.


[edit] Rathian

Type: Wyvern

Female version of the Rathalos wyvern. Unlike its male counterpart, it usually patrols its territory from the ground. Its tail spikes are filled with poison. Many color variants are known to exist.


[edit] Rathalos

Type: Wyvern

Male wyvern that keeps a nest and patrols it patch of territory from the air in search of prey. Its claws are filled with a poison that weakens its quarry. Many color variants are known to exist.


[edit] Khezu

Type: Wyvern

Loathsome wyverns that live inside caves. Near blind, they detect their prey by smell. They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they use to paralyze their prey.


[edit] Basarios

Type: Wyvern

A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They are the juvenile form of the Gravios. They have a stell-like carapace that requires powerful items to crack. Emits poison gas.


[edit] Gravios

Type: Wyvern A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They posses a fiery breath attack and the ability to emit a sleep gas. They also have extremely hard scales that deflect most weapon attacks.


[edit] Monoblos

Type: Wyvern

A large-horned wyvern found in desert zones. Their giant horn makes their attacks very dangerous. While they have no breath-attack, their ear-splitting roar is the bane of hunters.


[edit] Diablos

Type: Wyvern

Two-horned wyverns found in desert zones. They are capable of burrowing into sand to attack prey from below. Incredibly violent and proud, they are known to unleash terrible wrath when accosted.


[edit] Tigrex

Type: Wyvern

A flying wyvern that maintains its primitive origins. Prone to violence, it possesses incredible ferocity thanks to its four limbs, claws, and jaw. Inhabits a wide area, it has even been spotted hunting Popo in the mountains.


[edit] Nargacuga

Type: Wyvern

Hidden deep in the dense sea of trees, this wyvern has had an ample chance to evolve. It is as cunning as it is quick, making him a formidable foe. It uses its extendable tail and ability to jump, to ultimately leave a rather impacting blow.


[edit] Cephalos

Type: Piscine

Wyverns found only in the desert. They resemble a Plesioth, but live and 'swim' in sand rather than water. They seldom appear above land, but when their hearing is disturbed...


[edit] Cephadrome

Type: Piscine

The alpha monster form of the Cephalos. Larger and armored with black scales, they fit the appearance of a leader perfectly. Their fins hold a paralyzing toxin.


[edit] Plesioth

Type: Piscine

An enormous, flightless, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved into fins for swimming. Although superficially fish-like, they can move on land as well. Frogs are their favorite food.


[edit] Hermitaur

Type: Carapaceon

A small Carapaceon with an incredibly hard shell. Known to live in great numbers in the desert, or lurking underground, one must be careful when treading in its domain. Its brains are said to be a true delicacy.


[edit] Daimyo Hermitaur

Type: Carapaceon

A large Carapaceon with a giant monster's skull on its back. Fond of the sand, it is mainly seen in the desert, swamp or jungle zones. Living underground, it surfaces when hungering for a snack.


[edit] Ceanataur

Type: Carapaceon

An adolescent Carapaceon with an organic shell firmly placed on its back. Once grown, this shell will be replaced by a giant monster's skull. Mainly living in volcanic zones, it is very aggressive and not to be underestimated.


[edit] Shogun Ceanataur

Type: Carapaceon

A large Carapaceon with a giant monster's skull on its back. Its long, sharp pincers allow it to pierce volcanic bedrock and travel along ceilings. Sometimes, a precious and valuable pearl can be found inside its shell.


[edit] Shen Gao Ren

Type: Carapaceon

A giant Carapaceon with an equally giant monster's skull on its back. Prone to roaming and fiercely territorial, any intruders will be met with opposition, so nearby forts or towns must be warned of its presence.


[edit] Bullfango

Type: Primatius

A large wild boar. Foul tempered, they will charge hunters on sight. They are aggressive and powerful, so beware! They are often hunted for their meat, which many hunters find delicious.


[edit] Bulldrome

Type: Primatius

The powerful leader of the wild boars known for its enormous tusks. More aggressive than a Bullfango, it is known to rush into a fight, and is extremely proficient at locating a foe.


[edit] Conga

Type: Primatius

Fanged, ape-like Primatius with pink fur. Prefers to live in small groups as opposed to large packs, and particularly enjoys mushroom snacks. If stumbled upon, it will be hostile, so beware of areas like the swamp or jungle.


[edit] Congalala

Type: Primatius

A large Primatius sporting pink fur often spotted in the jungle and swamp zones. Fond of mushrooms, its diet affects its breath, which may be poisonous or flaming. One can predict these traits via the food in its local habitat.


[edit] Blango

Type: Primatius

A Primatius covered entirely in white fur. Known to move in packs and led by a Blangonga. The Blangonga exerts tight control over the group, and any call to gather will be met immediately by the rank and file Blangos.


[edit] Blangonga

Type: Primatius

Leader of a Blango pack, it is twice as large and recognized by its whiskers. It sends its pack to attack any trespassers. Its jumping power allows it great mobility in its home range of the snowy mountains.


[edit] Rajang

Type: Primatius

Ultra-aggressive creature that is rarely sighted and seldom survived. Survivors report is exhibits a strange attack. The Rajang is said to be a loner, and this isolated life has made it difficult to pin down it territorial leanings.


[edit] Kirin

Type: Elder Dragon

The Kirin is said to glow a faint blue, but so few have seen it that details are scarce. It is apparently capable of calling forth lightning at will. Kirin material is very valuable.


[edit] Kushala Daora

Type: Elder Dragon

A metal plated dragon known as the tempest of wind. It is said that if Kushala Daora is poisoned, its wind abilities decrease. Eyewitnesses report violent storms alongside the dragon, and its wide range means towns may be attacked.


[edit] Chameleos

Type: Elder Dragon

Eyewitness sightings of this elder dragon are extremely rare due to its ability to literally vanish; however, details of this are unclear. It is thought that shocking it may make it reappear, but this is unproven.


[edit] Lunastra

Type: Elder Dragon

A brutal female elder dragon with a breath of flame and expert control over fire. It is said that this control comes from the crown-like horns on its head, but this has not been confirmed.


[edit] Teostra

Type: Elder Dragon

A brutal male elder dragon with breath of flame and expert control over fire. Its vile temperament means anyone who approaches is subject to fire and brimstone. Known to attack towns, the Guild keeps tabs on its movement.


[edit] Lao-Shan Lung

Type: Elder Dragon

A giant dragon few have seen and lived to tell the tale. When on the rampage, it wreaks havoc on all in its path. The guild has built a fortress to repel the beast, but will it hold?


[edit] Fatalis

Type: Elder Dragon

A legendary black dragon said to have prowled these lands from the days of old. Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge it, but none ever return. A monster shrouded in mystery...

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