Dl m12.jpgThe Shadow of the Great Forest
Monster TypeFlying Wyvern
Weaknesses1. Thunder
2. Fire
HabitatsOld Swamp
Great Forest
Old Jungle
Deserted Island
Flooded Forest
Misty Peaks
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Freedom Unite
Other AppearancesMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate
SubspeciesGreen Nargacuga
Lucent Nargacuga

Narugacuga is a second generation boss monster and the flagship monster for the game Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP) and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It roughly resembles Tigrex in shape and size, with black fur and a small beak, but do not be fooled, this wyvern is highly dexterous with speed. It's wings have evolved into bladed forelimbs, it utilizes it's blades to kill it's prey. It has a flexible tail that can stretch from long distances, it can also summon deadly tail-spikes that can spread out from long distances. Nargacuga's ears are sensitive, so any loud noises (sonic bombs, barrel bombs) will cause it to flinch and go to rage mode, however if Nargacuga stands still for a minute then jumps, you can temporarily stun him by throwing a sonic bomb. It should be noted that upon entering rage mode, Nargacuga will actually attack automatically before roaring, after which its eyes will begin to glow a bright red and will leave a temporary after glow behind them. During rage mode, the spikes on its tail, which act almost like a protective coating, are flayed open, making the tail open to direct damage.

[edit] Tips

The Nargacuga highly susceptible to sound, and a well-timed Sonic Bomb can disorientate it. This only works when its poised to attack (commonly known as the 'prowler stance'), and will make it collapse in a state of confusion.

Any form of explosion (including Crag/Clust shots) make the Nargacuga angry. This makes using a 'Bomber' Felyne a very risky choice! Note that you can only cut the Nargacuga's tail in Rage mode, so it may be a good idea to get it enraged on purpose with a sonic/flash bomb. Like all monsters, the Nargacuga will become extremely powerful and fast in rage mode, making it´s attacks much more devastating. However, every beast has it´s weakness, and you will actually have an advantage when the Nargacuga is in rage mode: you can use pitfall trap it! Like the Rajang, the Nargacuga can avoid pitfall traps, but on rage mode they work. They also trap the Nargacuga for a much longer time than the Shock traps, and they allow you to get some free hits on a beast that otherwise never stays still.

The Nargacuga is weak to the fire element, and the thunder element to the face. The player should keep this in mind when choosing the right weapon.

You will find that the Nargacuga is esentially a stronger and and more agile cousin of the Tigrex. With practice you can outmach this powerfull night murderer. Just NEVER understimate it, as it can easily end the life of careless players who dare to provoce it. Knowing how to read it´s moves is the key to victory. Don´t be blinded by the fast moves of this beast and have a great time facing it. Happy hunting !

[edit] Guides

Naruga Kuruga Guides

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