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[edit] The Basics

With it's incredible speed and hard to read body movements this makes for one of the most interesting and difficult monsters to fight against.

The Naruga is vaguely similar to the Tigerex in a few aspects. It is coloured deep black/purple and while in rage mode has glowing red eyes. The Naruga, instead of having 2 wings and 2 legs like most wyverns, has 4 legs and they act like wings with webbing that extends from the arms to the torso of the Naruga while it is flying. The tail of the Naruga is different from most tails in the game as there are stages to cutting it off. First you have to break the shell off the tail, then you have to get it into rage mode. While it's in rage mode, and only while it's in rage mode can you cut off the tail after breaking the shell.

[edit] Attacks

[edit] Materials

[edit] Armor

[edit] Weapons

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