Old Desert

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The Desert Area from MH, MHF1 and MHP2G (Kokoto Region)

The desert of Kokoto is extremely hot, dusty and windy. A majority of the vast desert contains scattered debris of mountains, rocks as well as some palm trees. Hidden amongst the mountains surrounding the desert are some small caves, where Aptonoh are known to reside, as the temperature is easier for them to maintain. The desert Aptonoth is known to be able to withstand lower temperatures than that of one living in the volcanic area. Also surrounding the desert areas a small areas located between the mountains, which maintain a temperature lower than that of the desert, as they are situated between mountain crevasses. There is also a cave leading to an underground lake, which is inhabited by Plesioth.

Felynes have hidden a secret camp within the cooler areas of the desert, situated between the mountains.

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, this map returns as the Old Desert.

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