Old Swamp

The Swamp Area of MH, MHF and MHP2G (Kokoto Region)

The swamps of Kokoto are generally very misty and dank. A majority of it contains open muddied ares, as well as a fogged out forested area. There a number of caves located throughout the swamp, as well as a open field of tall grass. Most wyverns located within the swamp are usually found around the caves. In Monster Hunter, it was the only location where two large monsters could be simultaneously fought.

The swamp zone is a narrow strip of damp and humid marshlands enveloped in mist, characterized bu the presense of numerous caves. These caves are extremely cold, so without adequate protection from these extreme temperatures, your stamin will be quickly drained from you. However, the caves are also a great source of valuable ores, so they are often visited by hunters. A way many have curbed the effects of the cold in these places is to use the hot drinks made of fire herbs to warm the inside of the body, you can also counter the cold with clothing or armor built for high heat retention.

One should be cautious of the albino wyverns that dwell in the caves. There is little definitive evidence of these white monsters, but they are said to be eyeless beasts that appear suddenly and strike with strong electrical attacks. However, facts are hard to discern from rumors. You must also beware of monster from the volcano region that often wander into the swamps. Aside from wyverns, eye-witness reports have stated that Bullfango and Bulldromes have been spotted.

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