Old Volcano

The Volcano Area of MH, MHF and MHFU (Kokoto Region)

The volcanic belt is a land where the harsh nature of the volcanic rock has killed off all the vegetation. The life draining heat is also known to have killed many who travel into the zone. Thus, it is necessary to properly prepare for any travels into this area. However, that is not to say that there is no life in the volcanic belt. Quite the contrary, Fire herbs grow iin abundance in the volcanic rock. Moreover, the fortitude enhancing armor seed can only be found in this area.

The main characteristic of the zone is the overwhelming abundance of ore. From rocky areas, to caves, to the mouth of the vocanoes themselves, it is possible to gather various types of ore. There is never a shortage of hunters trudging up the mountains with pickaxes in tow.

You should beware of the powerful Gravios and the rock-like Basarios in the volcanoes. Both of these wyverns have extremely hard shells that make it difficult to damage them with normal weapons. Beyond wyverns, Ioprey are often spetted in this zone. These small red monsters are equipped with a powerful nausea inducing poison. So great care should be exercised when dealing with these beasts.

The more dangerous monsters that can be found are

'...and on Special Hunts occasions:

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