Poison is a Status Effect that appears in the Monster Hunter Series. Certain monsters have the ability to use poison to their advantage, and the hunter can create poisonous weapons, poison meat, poison smoke bomb, or supplied poison throwing knives to inflict poison on monsters.

When a monster inflicts poison on the hunter, he/she begins to slowly lose hp. The poison status is indicated by purple bubbles on both the left of the screen and by the hunter. Poison will eventually wear off on its own, but can do considerable damage while it lasts.

Poison can be deadly due to the fact that the hunter's HP drains and he/she may not notice it. By the time he/she does, the monster could one hit K.O. the hunter because of the loss of health.

[edit] List of Monsters That Use Poison

This list does not include variants, it is assumed the variant used the status effect as well.

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