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Pokke Points are points the hunter can spend on Pokke Tickets (for armor), Trenya's voyages, and items from the villager near the farm. They are also used as currency to upgrade parts of the Pokke Farm and make it yield rarer and more items.

There are several ways of getting Pokke Points:

  • Going on gathering missions, or any other missions, and turning in items into the red box (Goldestone Piece/Chunk, Special/Select Mushrooms, Khezu Whelps ect.).
  • Going on Treasure Hunting Quests, and bringing back large quantities of treasure hunting items.
  • Accepting a training quest from the instructor in the Training Hall
  • Picking up shinies from monsters, they are often Wyvern Tears (worth 500points) or Wyvern Sobs (worth 2500points)!

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