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The mysterious mimic.

The Qurupeco is likely the first avian wyvern beginner hunters will encounter both offline and low rank online. Native to the Sandy Plains and Deserted Island areas, players will want to paintball this nuisance to keep tabs on it in case it starts flying to other zones. The Qurupeco`s signature ability is to "summon" select monsters into the zone it is currently in by mimicking their roars. In addition to introducing players to stun from Wind gusts that it generates while lifting off or landing during hover flight, the Qurupeco will force new hunters to begin employing weapons with at least Green level of sharpness in order to effectively damage the monster.

Beginning hunters (and those just starting High Rank!) may wish to carry an allotment of Sonic bombs and Dung bombs to counter the Qurupeco's "summoning".

[edit] Stats

Number of carves: 3

Breakables: Beak, Flints on both wings

Rage Mode: Will attack and move faster, will attack with Flints three times instead of twice.

Weaknesses: Ice, Sonic Bombs.

Number of times it locks on between attacks: 2

[edit] Monster Attacks

Pecking advance

Range: Straight line directly in front of Peco.

 Note: Marches forward quickly while pecking at the ground numerous times with its beak (accompanied with rather funny sound effects).

Tail Whip

Range: Very short.

 Note: Spins in place while attempting to swat nearby hunters with its (rather short) "tail". It can still catch hunters by surprise if they get too carried away

Mimic Monster Roar

Range: Whole map!

 Note: Peco's signature ability, it attempts to "summon" another monster into the area it is in to back it up and generally make a mess out of the whole fight. Depending on the level of the mission, the monster summoned may well be more powerful than Peco itself!  In High Rank missions, count on Peco summoning the dreaded Deviljho!
 Minion Summon (Deserted Island): Jaggi, Ludroth, Melnyx
 Minion Summon (Sandy Plains): Jaggi, Rhenelpos, Melnyx
 Large Monster Summon Low Rank (Deserted Island): Great Jaggi, Royal Ludroth, Rathian
 Large Monster Summon Low Rank (Sandy Plains): Great Jaggi, Rathian
 Large Monster Summon High Rank (Deserted Island): Great Jaggi, Rathian, Deviljho
 Large Monster Summon High Rank (Sandy Plains): Great Jaggi, Diablos, Deviljho

Buff Song

Range: Immediate zone

 Note: Peco puffs its chest and claps the flints on its wings together in a bizarre dance that signals it is attemping to either heal all ally monsters, or boost their attack and defense.  Which buff it will try and apply depends on the color of the song aura.
 Green Aura: Heal all allies
 Red Aura: Boost attack AND defense

Flight Mode

Range: Small area in front of Peco

 Note: Peco jumps up and enters a low level hovering flight, sending gusts of wind in a small area directly in front of it. Hunters caught by the wind will be briefly stunned unless they have at least low level Wind resistance from armor skills. Peco also generates a small gust of wind which can stun when it finally lands on the ground.

Flying Peck

Range: Very short

 Note: While hovering in the air, Peco can travel about and attempt to peck at hunters beneath it. Hunters who deal enough damage to Peco as it hovers overhead can send it crashing downwards, giving them the opportunity for free hits as it lays stunned on the ground!


Range: Far

 Note: While on the ground or hovering in the air, Peco can spit 4-5 shots of acid for a fairly large distance to its and right. Hunters hit by the spittle will suffer decreased defense/fire resistance for a short period of time. This sets the hunter up for Peco's next few surprises...

Flint Burst

Range: Directly in front of Peco

 Note: One of Peco's sneakiest tricks, it claps its flints on its wings together to generate a small explosion while hopping backwards. Hunters who get too carried away with attacking Peco from the front may find themselves caught in the blast, which can deal Fireblight damage.

Flint Burst Chase

Range: Short direction towards target

 Note: As with the flint burst, Peco claps its flints on its wings together to generate a small explosion, this time hopping forwards in the general direction of its target. Peco will actively turn to face its target as it attempts to catch it with its flint blast, hopping up to three times. Peco heavily telegraphs this attack before using it by clapping its flints together 2-3 times while grunting.

[edit] Tips

  • Peco's Pecking Advance can catch hunters in front of it off guard if they get too greedy trying to damage Peco's beak, but hunters can roll directly forward under Peco to avoid it. Some weapons attacks may even force to "pass through" Peco immediately before it starts pecking forward!
  • Peco can only summon one large monster during any given mission. Once it chooses a large monster to summon, it will not summon another kind for the duration of the mission; subsequent roars from Peco will only call the existing large monster into the area.
  • Hunters can stop Peco from attempting to summon allies by either throwing a Sonic Bomb at it, or simply attacking its throat area.
  • Hunters can stun Peco with a Sonic Bomb when it attempts to buff/heal itself with its song and dance, but even better is to directly attack Peco`s throat/chest area which both cancels the attack AND transfer the effects of the song to the hunters instead!
  • Hunters can easily avoid Peco's flint chase attacks once they learn to identify it simply by moving to Peco`s side each time it hops forward to attack.

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