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Here's another one of my guides, yay! x3 But this time, it's for the new mimic wyvern, the Qurupeco. This little guy is a tad bit harder than the Great Jaggi, but with your super good evading skillz and healing items, you'll beat it in no time. ;)

Recommended Items:

Potion x10 (Mix Blue Mushroom and Herb)

- This wyvern is strong, so you ought to bring these in case you run out of Mega Potions

Mega Potion x10 (Mix Potion and Honey)

- You're going to need a lot of these, so better stock up. ;)


- Bring as many as you need. :D

Cool/Hot Drinks x5

- Depending on the area, you should bring these so you don't lose stamina/health (Also available in supply Box)

Large Barrel Bombs x2

- Bring these if you can afford them/want a faster kill

...uhm, thats all. o.o Bring steaks if you need them, although I only used the 3 rations the supply box offers! 8D I know, weird. Just...bring whatever else you need.

Recommended Ammo:

Normal S Lv2

- This is what you should mainly use.

Normal S Lv3

- This is what you're going to use once you run out of Lv2's. 8D

That was all the ammo I needed, but feel free to bring Clusts, Crags, Paras, etc. if you want to kill him faster.

Okay, first of all, get the things you need, eat and stuff. Once you're ready, take the quest. Get ready. 8D

Next, go get the stuff you need from the Supply Box. After that, head to Area 8 to trigger the movie scene. Oh, look, it's your old friend, the Great Jaggi! 8D Surprised? No? Fine. -_-

Anyways, just go paintball the Great jaggi, but DO NOT try killing him. Killing him will last you a good thirty minutes, leaving you no time to kill the Qurupeco. Kill him only if you're sure that you can kill him fast. Really, really fast.

After that, leave the area and find the Qurupeco. Once you do, paintball him, too. Next, start firing! :D Fire Normal S Lv2's first, and if you run out, just use your Lv3's. Or Crags. Or Clusts. Or Pellets. Or other ammo you brought with you.

You'll know when he's in rage mode if his tail turns red. You'll know when he's about to call minions when he starts mimicking their calls. Take note that when he's calling for monsters, his head is NOT facing up, it's facing in front and moving sideways.

If you see red stuff when he's calling, that means he's calling a boss, in this case, the Great Jaggi (maybe a Rathian if you're doing the capture quest). Lucky you. :3 As usual, dodge, or use the dung bomb from the supply box if you got one so the Great Jaggi would go away.

Just evade, and maybe shoot the Qurupeco if you can. Your best bet is to wait for it (or the Great Jaggi) to move to another area. Then you can start shooting again. When he starts calling again, stop that by shooting his face. He should flinch if you do enough damage.

You should also watch out if he's dancing, or jumping side to side. And kind of 'roaring'. If the sound waves of the 'roar' is green, that means he's about to heal himself, and his minions. If it's yellow, he's trying to raise his and his minion's stats. Stop this immediately. :O

Just continue shooting. If he goes to the desert part, drink your Cool Drink (Hot Drink if it's night time). If you run out of stamina, eat some steaks if you brought some. After some time he should limp. Good for you, you're almost done! :D

Just follow him, and when you see him resting, put Large Barrel Bombs (if you brought some/haven't used them yet) near his face, then shoot it. He should wake up, obviously. After that, keep on shooting him until he dies.

Congratulations! You just beat the Qurupeco! :D


If you can, try bringing Para S Lv1's and try to stun him. Once he is, place Large barrel Bombs and shoot it. That should do a fair amount of damage.

Also, he has this attack where he shoots three green balls of acid. try to avoid this by not going in front of him. If you get hit, it will lower your Fire Resistance.

When he starts flying, try to stay behind him, not in front of him. If you stay in front of him, he's going to shoot acid balls at you. Try to shoot him, and maybe he'll fall down.

When you see him clapping/touching his knuckles together, and there's red stuff there, get ready to roll! When he starts jumping, roll to the side, then roll to the side again, and keep doing this until he stops. He does the jumping two to three times.

If you're capturing him, do so when he starts limping. You know, dragging his legs, and walking slowly? it should be obvious. :P Follow him, and once he's sleeping, put the shock trap (or Pitfall if you're aiming for subquest A) under him, and once he wakes up, shoot your Tranq ammo or throw your Tranq Bombs.

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helped you in some way. :D

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