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Sharpness is the measure of a melee weapon's ability to penetrate a monster's hide, causing more damage and slaying the monster quickly. Weapons with a high Sharpness will pass through the monster uninterrupted, but weapons with low or degraded Sharpness will bounce almost harmlessly off the monster, leaving the player open for attack. Sharpness does not apply for ranged weapons.

Starting from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, there are seven levels of Sharpness:

Red (worst) Orange Yellow Green Blue White Purple (Best)

Previous incarnations in the series have fewer Sharpness levels, but the basic Sharpness mechanic is the same.

Decreasing Sharpness:

With every attack the player performs that strikes a target, Sharpness will decrease a little. Targets include monsters, path-blocking boulders and explosive rocks. Attacking an object that causes the player's weapon to bounce off will decrease Sharpness quicker than an object that lets it slice/bash through.

Blocking decreases the weapon's Sharpness too, with total Sharpness reduction depending on the strength of the attack blocked.

When a weapon's Sharpness lowers, attacks that initially passed clean through the target will begin to bounce off. Therefore, it's time for-

Increasing Sharpness: There are a small number of items that can increase Sharpness during a quest-

Whetstone Knife Mackerel Mini Whetstone (supply item)

Using them during a quest will increase the player's weapon Sharpness by a set amount.

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