Shock Trap

[edit] Shock Trap

The Shock Trap is a tool that temporarily renders a monster immobile and unable to attack. It is also a great way to capture a monster when they are weakened.

[edit] How To Get Them

Shock Traps can be made by combining a Trap Tool with a Genprey Fang. They are also available in a 'portable' version that can be found in some supply boxes.

[edit] Effectiveness

  • The Shock Trap is particularly effective against Plesioth and Lavasioth, holding them for noticeably longer than most other monsters.
  • Shock Traps have no effect against Gypceros due to it having a shock resistant rubbery hide.
  • Just like Pitfall traps, Shock Traps can't be used against Elder Dragons or Shen Gaoren.
  • The Trapmaster skill is very useful if you hunt with Traps alot. It gives Trap combines a 100% success rate, and allows you to set them up in around 2 seconds. (For some reason it also allows you to plant Bombs very fast, which is a nice bonus!)

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