Sleep Bombing

Sleep bombing refers to a hunting strategy in which a monster is put to sleep and bombs are detonated next to it taking advantage of the triple damage on the first hit delivered to a sleeping monster. The technique is rendered useless in the Jungle(night) due to the rain preventing bombs from detonating. Sleep bombing is at its most effective when a weapon with a high sleep attribute is used.

[edit] Inventory Setup

If you plan to sleep bomb, it is recommended you set your inventory up like this:

  • Book of Combos 1
  • Book of Combos 2
  • Book of Combos 3
  • Book of Combos 4
  • Book of Combos 5
  • Large Barrel Bomb x3
  • Large Barrel Bomb+ x2
  • Large Barrel x12
  • Gunpowder x12
  • Scatterfish x12
  • Do not forget to bring a weapon with sleep attribute.
    • If you are a gunner, bring Sleep S and items to make more.

[edit] Equipment Setup

  • A weapon that has sleep attribute, or a bowgun that can fire Sleep S.
  • Use armour that gives the skills:
    • Bomb Strength Up
    • Abnormal Stat Up
    • Trap Expert

[edit] Tips

It should be noted that this tactic is great against low rank monsters, average against high rank monsters, and poor against G rank monsters. This is due to the fact that barrel bombs deal a set amount of damage, which is insignificant on a high rank monster with vast amounts of health

Make sure the bombs hit the monster first before anything else. The first attack on a sleeping monster does three times more damage, so if you throw a stone to detonate the bombs, but at an angle in which it will hit the monster, the stone will get the attack bonus, thus wasting time and bombs. This is why you should never use Small Barrel Bombs to set the large bombs off.

Sleep-Bombing is a tactic often used against Kirin, as it has relatively low hp but is hard to damage due to having a very tough hide.

Obtaining an Alchemy Book by completing the Alchemy combination list is very helpful. It allows you to make a large quantity of Bombs, which are the staple damage of this strategy!

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