Sonic bomb

[edit] Sonic Bomb

Made by combining a Screamer with Gunpowder. This creates an item that releases a high-frequency sound when thrown, with a plethora of different uses. The Sonic Bomb is used to drive Cephalos, Cephadrome, and Plesioth out of the habitats from where they swim. Sonic Bombs will cause Remobras to fall to the ground. The Yian Kut-Ku is stunned by the high-frequency sound and has a chance to drop an item. Daimyo Hermitaurs, when in shield mode, can be tripped by the Sonic Bomb. It can also be used to create an effect identical to a Pitfall Trap upon Diablos and Monoblos, and has a very specific and limited effect upon the Nargacuga.

In Monster Hunter Tri, Sonic Bombs are effective against the Qurupeco in cancelling the effects of its summoning/power up roars. They may also be used against the Gobul, Diablos, and Agnaktor to force them out of the underground after they burrow into it, stunning them temporarily. Note that Sonic Bombs are ineffective in these situations when the monster is in Rage Mode.

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