The Swamp Area of MH2, MHF2 and MHP2G (Pokke Region)

[edit] Swamp Description

The Swamp isn't as nice to look at as the Jungle or the Forest and Hills, and its not that easy to fight in if you're not experienced. Muddy, wet, tall grass - not pleasant. At night there are large purple puddles of a poisonous substance that when stepped in, poisons your hunter - so take care and maybe bring a few Antidotes. The rain during the day can be used to the advantage of hunters with lightning rods, which bring down a powerful lightning strike on creatures. The rain also floods out the purple ooze, making the swamp safer in the storms.

With a few underground caves, you also normally have to take hot drinks in case the monster you're fighting goes there. There are also a few handy mining spots situated in the underground caves which are very useful if you are 'ore hunting'. Although the mining spots are limited, the ores they give are not, so make sure that your second port of call when Ore hunting is either the Jungle or the Swamp. (After the Volcano of course)

The monsters that you fight there are in wide arrange:

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