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Sword and Shield, balanced weapon of many a newcomer.

[edit] Information

The Sword and Shield (commonly referred to as SnS) is a lightweight, easy-to-use melee weapon, first introduced in the original Monster Hunter (PS2). They are small weapons that don't deal a lot of raw damage, but they often have high Elemental power. The Sword can be swung quickly, making fast combos. Because of the shield, attacks from monsters can be blocked, but the shield isn't very durable and strong attacks will overwhelm the player, leading to staggering and vulnerability to attacks. The sword is a short weapon, therefore it is hard (or impossible) to attack raised parts of monsters, like wings or tails. The Sword and Shield is unique, in the way that restorative items while the weapon its equipped. In Monster Hunter Tri the shield doubles as a bashing weapon, enabling the hunter to KO a monster as well cut tails making it very versatile.

Sword & Shield Report from Hunter's Life

This report will cover swords. Many people feel that swords are simple weapons for weak beginners, but the truth is that they are weapons of immense depth. Sure, it is true that a single hit is relatively minor, and that it is possible to be knocked out of one's guard; however, swords make up for this with a plethora of special characteristics and attributes.

Due to its light weight, faster strikes are easily accomplished, allowing combination attacks that suit the weapon well. Moreover, swords are graced with an ability to switch from offense, to defense and evasion swiftly and effectively. This is an excellent advantage when facing groups of foes or especially nimble ones, like a velocidrome. When facing larger wyverns however, is when the sword truly shines, with improvements, swords can carry ailment inflicting poisons and toxins, as well as being a weapon able to deliver these swiftly with multiple strikes.

Swords are also an incredibly easy to use weapon, thus enabling various special abilities. For instance, because it is not as cumbersome as the other weapon types that are much larger, you are able to use items and even set traps while your weapon is drawn. Also, with the availability of a shield, you can easily guard many attacks, so make the most of a shield.

Finally, swords do not require vast amounts of materials to improve them, they are also a much more affordable weapon that many smiths find easy to work with and generally charge less when improving or making them.

[edit] Monster Hunter 3

Because of the strong online play, an SnS user with Paralysis element is always a welcome addition to the team. Not only can he stop a monster in its tracks, the user can also shield bash its head, causing KO damage, which will eventually cause the monster to fall for more damage.

A list of Sword and Shields for this game can be found here: Category:List of Sword and Shields (MH3)

[edit] Controls

Control Type Slash Combo Spin Slash Jump Attack Shield Bash Use Item Block
Right Analog Up Right Analog Right Right Analog Left N/A R1+Square R1
Triangle Circle Triangle+Circle N/A R+Square R
A Left Tilt+A Shake Remote or hold the remote behind the nunchuck+A Right Tilt+A 1 or Z+Plus Z

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