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The Sword and Shield, also known as SnS, are one of the many weapon types that are available on the Monster Hunter series. These weapons are small comes with a shield (hence the name) that allows the hunter to block most attacks, but you still take a bit of damage. The SnS has low attack power, but the speed of its attacks coupled with secondary status/element, which most SnS have, makes it a very good weapon of choice.

In some of the recent titles in the series, such as Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the Sword and Shield is capable of using items while unsheathed by holding the R shoulder button and using the selected item with the Square button. Another difference is the blocking strike, in older titles the hunter would take a quick horizontal strike and return into the defensive stance; in newer titles however if the Triangle button is pressed the user will make an upward strike which can then be followed with a combination strike. If Circle is pressed on the other hand, the user will simply use the horizontal strike from the old titles. Using the horizontal blocking strike, one can detonate Large Barrel Bombs without inflicting major damage upon themselves, simply blocking the explosion with their shield instead.

Over the course of the series, the Sword and Shield has been considered a weapon for support roles in groups, mainly due to high elemental capabilities, though debated to be overpowered in the original PSP title. As well as strong status inflicting abilities such as the poison and paralysis attributes.

In the upcoming title Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. The sword and shield has been given more shield based attacks, giving it more variety, though currently it is unknown whether the hunter is capable of using items while unsheathed. Like all other weapon types in the game, Sword and Shield weapons have all been redesigned or are completely new.

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